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Welcome to the February Update from Breathing Better Living Well!

Winter Mix

The theme for this update newsletter is that there really is no theme - kind of like the weather here in West Michigan at this time of year. One day it snows, the next day it’s warm and rains, the next day it’s cold and nothing but one big ice rink. Our favorite meterologist calls it the "winter mix."
So I thought we'd mix things up a bit at BBLW. This newsletter is arranged differently, by topic: 

  • Changes and Transitions
  • Just the Facts
  • Staying Well
  • In Touch
  • Being prepared
  • Adventuring
Right now, wherever you are, maybe it's 80 degrees and sunny. Maybe it's 5 degrees and you're up to your knees in snow. No matter what your weather, I invite you to take a few minutes, pour a cup of your favorite beverage and sit down with me here at BBLW. As always, I'm sure you'll find something interesting, helpful and inspiring. 

Now, on with our Breathing Better Living Well Winter Mix...

Changes and Transitions  
When you have chronic lung disease, change may come slowly. It may be completely unexpected. It may be chosen - but many times it's not. Here are six true stories in which you'll see people experience a change, take a turn in the road, find a new direction, or learn an important life lesson.

Just the Facts - Information galore... 

Staying Well
Even if you know a lot about chronic lung disease, the real trick is staying well, especially in the winter.

In Touch
Having chronic lung disease can lead to isolation. Stay in touch with others. 

Meet folks just like you who are living with chronic lung disease. Visit the BBLW Community for Larry’s Monday Lesson, new articles, and friends who understand what you're going through!

The C.O.P.D. (Call Our Patients Direct) Infoline is there for you to speak, one-on-one, with a knowledgeable person with COPD. Call: 1-866-316-COPD (2673).

There are now over 825"likes" on the Live Your Life with COPD Facebook page! Visit it and our BBLW Facebook page to see what's new each week.

Be prepared... for winter in the BBLW Bookstore!  Special products for a special purpose -
  • O2 Totes - Wear your oxygen in style! 
  • Tangled up in oxygen? Here's help! Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector  Find the link on the right hand edge of the bookstore page. 
  • Sit and Be Fit for COPD A great exercise program for people with COPD! It's as easy (or as challenging) as you need it to be. As always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Have an adventure!
Sea Puffers / Get Up and GO2 Travel 
can help!  They make the arrangements. You just show up and have fun!

On a personal note...
I took this picture way, way back in January 1985, in the middle of a stretch of 8 days of non-stop snow. That’s my daughter, Corinne, barely a year old, stuffed -- first, into her snowsuit and then, into an old cardboard fruit box duct-taped onto a sled we found in the garage. She's really not looking too thrilled about going on a sled ride!
That was a long time ago. Since then, life has definitely changed for our family. Each of us, in our own way, has grown up, had our share of successes and failures - and found our passions. 
But some things haven't changed. It still snows here for days on end, and we still stand together, as a family, through ups and downs, good times and bad, rain and shine... and snow.   

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed our Winter Mix. Breathe well today, my friends, and I'll see you next month.

"Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes."
~~~ Johann von Goethe









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