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February 2013

The Best Marketing Is Getting Referrals. Various studies indicate that getting referrals from clients is the best marketing practice in professional services. Clients report being willing to comply but not being asked. How do you ask for referrals? READ

Lessons From the Recession: How to Mute the Impact of the Next Downturn by Investing in Marketing Intelligently Today. Effective marketing has helped many professional service firms to thrive in the recession. This white paper summarizes what they've been doing. READ

Hidden Killer of Sales in Existing Accounts. Everyone knows that selling to existing clients provides the best return on your BD investment. But many firms struggle to effectively grow their current accounts. This article from RainToday explains a key reason why and what to do about it: READ

One Question to Ask Every Client. One particular question, asked at the right time, can open up your sales conversations and lead to new insights for you and the client, according to consultant Michael McLaughlin: READ

Cultivating Creativity in Your Firm. In a 2010 survey of over 1,500 CEOs around the globe, creativity was identified as the most important leadership trait for the next five years. So how are you doing? Here are some tips for promoting innovative thinking in your firm: READ

The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day. Leadership is learned behavior that becomes unconscious and automatic over time. According to this article from Forbes, the best leaders do these certain things consistently: READ

Why Extroverts Fail, Introverts Flounder, and You Probably Succeed. Leaders are much like salespeople; they have to sell their ideas and persuade others to follow. So what's the ideal personality for a leader—or a salesperson? The answer may surprise, and encourage, you. READ

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google Searches. For most of us, Google is a vital business tool, connecting us with the vast treasure of information on the internet. But have you ever considered how to make better use of this tool? READ

Improving Employee Performance in the Economic Downtown. From the Corporate Leadership Council, this report has a wealth of information on what strategies increase employee performance in tough times. READ

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Mel Lester

Industry Trends

Reading the Tea Leaves: The Industry Outlook for 2013 and Beyond. An investor's view of our industry based on the performance of A/E public companies. READ

AIA Consensus Construction Forecast Projects Steady Increase Through 2014. Despite the uncertainty emanating from our nation's capital, most are optimistic about the coming months. READ

2013 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark. An interesting take on the professional services industry as a whole. READ

From My Blog

Are We Clear About Client Service? Industry surveys suggest some confusion about what client service really is. READ

Using Facebook to Screen Applicants? This growing practice increasingly involves asking for access to private information. How can this be right? READ

Give Your Best to Your Best Opportunities. Firms are missing on golden opportunities because they didn't give them the attention they deserved. READ

In Sales, Persistence Pays Off. One of the best ways to distance yourself from your competitors in sales is to outwork them. READ
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