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Take a moment to pause and reflect on the wonder of symbiogenesis.

One day you are swimming around in a swirl of your fellow prokaryotic cells. It’s the same ol’ same ol’ dog eat dog rat race that you and your fellow prokaryotes have been engaged in for more than 2 billion years (OK… dogs and rats won’t actually emerge for a couple billion more years, but you get the idea). Just imagine that after all this time in competition, something remarkable happens. You engulf another cell. But instead of digesting it, you start cooperating with it! You combine forces with a former competitor. From disunity, a new unity emerges. And within this new unity, cooperation prevails. Astonishing!

Might the pattern of symbiogenesis hold the key to fostering human collaboration at global scale? 

Last month we looked at various ways evolution has overcome the barriers to cooperation. We continue that exploration in this month's blog, with a particular emphasis on cultural evolution.

The Team at the Planet Project

Thank you Gerhard Assenmacher for donating your beautiful photo!

global cooperation

Fostering Cooperation at Global Scale Part 2 - our latest blog

Many people around the world are feeling called to action by the numerous crises we face and forge bonds with others similarly moved to action. There are now more than 10 million nonprofits in the world. And yet this network of nonprofits are not coordinating their collective action for greatest impact. They compete with each other for donations and mindshare. Meanwhile, our metacrisis is continuing to get worse.

How can we ratchet up their collective impact to global scale? In this month’s blog, Steve Melville continues exploring the lessons of evolution.

Read our new blog Fostering Cooperation at Global Scale Part 2 here.



Cooperating groups need to be able to sustain themselves without relying on the extractive, exploitative economic system that is fueling the very crises these groups are trying to avert. But human minds created the current system and humans can create different systems. Fortunately, there is a groundswell of innovation in alternative economic approaches.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance

This impressive alliance of 350+ organizations and thousands of individuals is devoted to shifting to an “economy designed to serve people and the planet, not the other way around. Rather than treating economic growth as an end in and of itself and pursuing it at all costs, a Wellbeing Economy puts our human and planetary needs at the center of its activities, ensuring that these needs are all equally met, by default.”
Learn more about WEAll here.

Eight Principles of a Regenerative Economy

From the Capital Institute
The Capital Institute has been on an evolutionary learning journey since 2010…”searching for a path that will lead us beyond our current unsustainable economic system and the finance-dominated ideology that drives it.”  They define Regenerative Economics as “the application of nature’s laws and patterns of systemic health, self-organization, self-renewal, and regenerative vitality to socioeconomic systems.” Taken as a whole, the eight principles described in this article provide pragmatic guidance for the emergence of regenerative economies. 
Read the article here.

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The Planet Online Community update...

The ALL Careers Contest culminated in a vibrant Recognition and Celebration event on May 1st (click here for Martin Ogle’s account of the proceedings). Momentum continued with a Zoom event on May 24th where all participants were invited to help discover where energy might gather for future activity. 

Did you know that you can also post your own articles in the Planet Project’s online community, in addition to cheering and/or commenting on articles posted by others? Planet Community is a place to foster interaction and engagement within the Planet Movement. In short, a place for all of us to deepen our sense of belonging, and together co-create the future we want to see. Check out this guide to see how easy it is to Add Your Voice to Planet Community.

Our latest progress...

Planet Project co-founder Roger Briggs gave a well-attended talk on The Evolution of Consciousness and the Future of Humanity in Boulder on April 19th. We hope to share video from that event soon.

We had so much fun at last month’s Planet Mixer that we are hosting another (virtual) mixer on June 6th. We will mix up the format, but this event will continue to be interactive, stimulating, and a great opportunity to get to know each other! Check here for details and to RSVP.

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