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It may seem obvious that cooperation will not only be important, but an absolute necessity for humanity to transcend the many planetary crises we face today. After all, nearly all the big advances in the evolution of life and the history of humans have been the result of cooperation, while single humans, or competing tribes and nations, have very limited impact. But it's not obvious how we attain that cooperation at global scale to really change the game.
So this month we focus our attention on global cooperation. Our blog explores the evolution of cooperation within life, and our staff picks highlight David Sloan Wilson’s inspiring work to foster prosocial culture.
Thank you for joining us on this journey. And don’t miss our first Planet Community (Virtual) Mixer on May 9th!

The Team at the Planet Project

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Fostering Cooperation at Global Scale - our latest blog

The barriers to cooperation are indeed formidable. And yet… once we dispel some common myths about evolution, we find extraordinary examples of cooperation in the evolutionary record. The first myth is that the central story of evolution is only about competition. The facts reveal that the evolutionary dance between cooperation and competition has produced ever-greater cooperation at ever-greater scales and ever-increasing levels of complexity.

Read our new blog Fostering Cooperation at Global Scale here.

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Podcast: The Race To Cooperation With David Sloan Wilson

From Center For Humane Technology
This podcast opens a brief window into the work of evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson's writings on the evolution of cooperation. It includes Wilson's key insight that selfishness beats altruism within groups, but alruisitc groups beat selfish groups. Wilson also enumerates the eight core design principles of prosocial groups he developed in partnership with Elinor Ostrom.
Listen to the podcast here.

ProSocial World

ProSocial World engages families, schools, facilitators, healthcare, the commons, business and spirituality - with a mission of working together to facilitate and inspire positive cultural change using evolutionary and behavioural science.
Learn more about ProSocial here.

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The Planet Online Community update...

Following the flurry of activity around the 14-Day Challenge (which you are still encouraged to take at your own pace!), things have quieted down a bit in the Planet Community. But you can expect a renewal of activity as we emerge from winter’s inner reflections to spring’s unfolding of life expressing itself in exuberant and subtle ways.
Active Peace, our first partner in the Planetary Alliance, is focused on the deep foundations and intersections between the personal, interpersonal, and collective. Scott Brown has posted a couple of great blogs and a Relationship Roadmap in the Planet Community with more resources and inspiration to come. This is a public space and you are welcome to participate there. You can find Active Peace here and at their website.

And the culmination of the ALL Careers Contest is fast approaching in the form of its Contest Recognition Event and Celebration coming up on May 1st in Lafayette, Colorado.

Our latest progress...

We are excited to announce our first Planet Community Mixer! We hope you will join us on May 9th at 7pm MDT for this virtual event. Our individual impact is amplified when we band together as a community. This informal gathering offers an opportunity for all of us to start to get to know one another. No presentations -- just plenty of time for interaction! Click here for Zoom logistics and event details.

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