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mountain scene photo donated by Monika Chace

This first issue of the Planet Project eNews...

...along with the debut of our new website at, marks the coming out of the Planet Project. It’s taken a whole year of discussing, designing, and clarifying our intentions to create a solid foundation for the project, but we are finally ready.

So, what’s it all about? The Planet Project is motivated by our deep concern over many of today’s events and with the general trajectory of humanity. We care about what lies ahead for young people, and for future generations, and right now things are not looking very good for them. You probably share these concerns, and you may already be volunteering, donating, or working for positive change in other ways; and, thankfully, there are many organizations and people working tirelessly on solutions to our daunting list of problems. But the list is not shrinking, and many good efforts are thwarted by intractable systems and corrupt politics.

We feel something different is needed, something that takes a whole-systems approach, and a planetary perspective. Humanity, on a large scale, must now acquire a planetary worldview that recognizes the connectedness and interdependence of all living things and the planetary systems. The Planet Project is a means and a movement to unify all those who are ready, willing, and able to embrace the planetary perspective and help co-create a planetary civilization and culture.

We want a world that works for all people, where no one is held back by systems that benefit the few; we want a world where humans live in sacred harmony with all life and Mother Earth. This is what a positive future for humans would look like – a world of social justice and environmental stewardship. Our tagline All People, One Planet expresses this. If you are discouraged by the state of the world today, but you haven’t given up and want to be part of creating something better, then join us in the Planet Project. 

If all of us who want such a world came together and organized for unified action, we would become the most powerful force for social change in history. We could redirect the trajectory of humanity towards a prosperous and sustainable future on this planet. The Planet Project aims to grow a global social movement of people unified around a core vision (bottom of this page), and we hope you’ll join us. For now, keep reading the Planet Project eNews to stay abreast of new developments as the project unfolds, and get everyone you know to subscribe! And enjoy the Planet Project website,, as it evolves into a global community platform.

The Team at The Planet Project

Thank you Monika Chace for donating your beautiful photo!

Our Shares...

In every mailing we'll share "staff picks" - some of our favorite change agents and expressions positive culture.

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How you can be involved...

  1. READ the Planet Project eNews and encourage everyone you know to subscribe.
  2. GET IN TOUCH with us at to share ideas, ask questions, or contribute creative work. We welcome submissions of all types that express positive culture and the planetary perspective.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD and tell everyone you know about the Planet Project. 
  4. VOLUNTEER with us. Get in touch with us at to find out how you can help, and to let us know about your gifts and special interests.
  5. DONATE to help with our operating costs.
  6. WANTED: We will be hiring people who are content creators, social media mavens, web developers, and cultural influencers. If you know anyone with these skills and gifts who would like to work in our organization, get in touch!
  7. COMING SOON!  We have exciting developments in the pipeline, including a (free) Planet Movement membership program that will allow you to participate in campaigns, civil discussions, and local circles, write reviews, connect with others, and more.


Twelve values embody our mission.
Read them here.


Eight principles direct our work.
Read them here.
Planet Project core values and guiding principles

Statement About Ukraine...

Our hearts are broken by the destruction and death being inflicted on Ukraine today and we know that many of you are also struggling. At the same time we are also inspired by the courage and strength of the Ukrainian people and President Zelensky, as well as the global unity and support that has blossomed. If you are able, please join millions of others who have donated to Ukraine relief efforts. Here are several good places where you can donate:

Mercy Corps
World Food Program USA
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

The first World War was called the “war to end all wars”, and the League of Nations (which later became the U.N.) was founded in 1920 to foster world peace. But as we know, war has continued over the last century, and the invasion of Ukraine stands as one of the darkest moments of our lifetimes. But let us not become cynical and accept that this is human nature that will never change. Let us not give up on the dream of a world without war, where all the people of Earth live in peace and prosperity. Let us join together and work together to make this dream a reality.

For views on the Ukraine war through the lens of the Planet Project, see our blog: What Does the Planet Project Have to Say About the War in Ukraine?

Our progress so far...

  1. During 2021 we crafted the Vision, Values, and Principles of the Planet Project. These are the core aspirations and ideals that guide us, that we operate by and would never violate, and we aim to seed these values in the world. They are not political, religious, or commercial. We propose that these Core Values can be meaningful and inspiring for all of humanity.
  2. In late 2021 we became a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called The Planet Project Stewardship Entity (SE). We chose this name because we are not trying to be the owners of the Planet Project, but rather the stewards of it – we will nurture it, and care for it, and move it forward. This work belongs to all of us who want a better future. Many organizations and people are already doing excellent work to advance social justice and environmental stewardship; our aim is to connect and amplify what’s already being done, instead of competing or reinventing the wheel. 
  3. We chose consent-based decision making within circles of responsibility as our governance model. This way of operating is in contrast to conventional top-down authority structures, or majority rule where winners and losers are created. There are many examples of this kind of governance and one of our favorites is Sociocracy. Our Governance Circle (like a Board of Directors) is presently a threesome: Beau Rezendes, Steve Melville, and Roger Briggs, and we just hired Scott Rennak as our Marketing Director. We will be growing our staff and volunteer teams, and would love to hear from you if you are called.
  4. Our newly launched website at will evolve into a digital platform that will serve many purposes in support of growing a planetary worldview and culture. It will be a source of curated positive culture such as videos, streaming TV, music, articles, blogs, podcasts, art and more; and it will be a connective structure among people and organizations for growing a global planetary community. 
  5. Our funding strategy will rely on large donors and foundations rather than small individual donors. We will not use our mailings for fundraising campaigns or to solicit individual donations, but you will always find a handy donate button on our website if you want to support our work financially.

That's it until next time...

Planet Project logo - all people one planet

The Planet Vision

A civilization that empowers all people to thrive and contribute.
A culture of sacred regard for all life and the Planet.


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