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Winter desert arch and towers image by Monika Chace

Turning inward...

In the northern hemisphere December brings short days and long nights as the path of the sun slips ever-lower in the southern sky.

For nature-based people long ago, this descent into darkness was terrifying, and the return of the sun – what we now call the Winter Solstice – meant the victory of light over darkness, and renewed life.

For us moderns, though we may lament darkness at dinnertime, we can always turn on the lights, turn up the heat, and stream a movie. But along with such on-demand comforts we have lost touch with the cycles of nature, to our own detriment.

As the solstice approaches, it’s a time to reflect on life, to recognize our blessings, to confront what we’d like to change and make that New Year’s resolution, and to appreciate the miracle of being alive on this paradise called Earth.

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The Team at the Planet Project

Thank you Monika Chace for donating your beautiful photo, Winter Solstice at Mesa Arch (Utah)!

Staff Pick: Sounds True

Sounds True has built a living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Available on multiple media platforms and in multiple languages. Learn more about Sounds True here.

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Inner Development Goals

Staff Pick: Inner Development Goals Framework

The basis of their work is grounded in a science-based understanding of inner development, and what is needed to support a sustainable future. Their inquiry is about synthesizing a complex field of inner development into a framework that helps to name, understand, and communicate the change that’s needed.   Learn more about IDG Framework here.

See IDG's five minute video here
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What you've been missing in the Planet Community...

We work to bring you informative and impactful resources, but our newsletters and website are limited to one-way communication. To connect with other like-minded people who want to be part of something bigger, we began the Planet Community a few months ago. It's a place to get to know each other, swap ideas and experiences, offer encouragement, and suggest topics for future resources and articles.

Joining is easy, has no cost, and is ad-free. Simply go to or click on a link on any of the links below. Either way, you will be prompted to Sign In (if you have already joined) or Request to Join. Then catch up on the latest, like this:

  • Martin posted about the ALL Careers Contest, which empowers and inspires today's youth to envision careers for a healthy, thriving, sustainable world.
  • Andrew shared several fascinating and thought-provoking resources, including Bill Rees' incisive diagnosis of the root causes underlying our multiple planetary crisis, and the Climate Foundation's inspiring work on healing the biosphere.
  • Scott highlighted the social justice leadership coming from I Am Humanity.

We encourage you to join and share your recommendations for aligned change agents and expressions of positive culture to add to those curated databases.

ALL Careers

Are You Up For The ALL Careers Challenge?

Last month we issued a challenge to the members of our extended community (especially those of you who live in Boulder County) to help us make the ALL Careers Contest a smashing success! Let’s show Martin Ogle and the students, teachers and administrators who are considering entering the contest that Planet Movement members are serious about creating positive change in the world!

To find out how you can make a difference, check out ALL Careers Challenge.

Our latest progress...

Last month we had the privilege of presenting at Frasier Meadows. Roger Briggs spoke about emerging from his career as a physics teacher with an inquisitive mind that he focused on the evolution of consciousness. He led us through the science of culture from his book, concluding with an uplifting message of the opportunity in our future.

This past weekend the first Planet Circle convened, where a small group shared personal experiences and their ideas for stewarding the shift to planetary culture. Thank you Kevin Townley for hosting at Boulder Masonic Lodge. Interested in joining us for the next Circle? Just reply to this email.

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Pounding you with incessant pleas for money is not our model. But once a year, during this season of giving, we hope you will consider an end-of-year, tax-deductible donation. We appreciate donations of any amount, they keep us going!

It's the book authored by Roger Briggs that inspired our organization. All proceeds from Emerging World book sales are donated to the Planet Project.

Emerging World by Roger Briggs
Buy The Book Here

How you can be involved...

Find valuable resources and learn real ways you can take on our actions pages. Included are tools to evolve education, reduce plastic pollution, keep democracy vibrant, and more.

Connect with others who are inspired and share your thoughts in the Planet Online Community.

Volunteer with the unique gifts developed through your life experience and skills. We need your help to manifest the transformation! Reply to this email to get started.

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