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Moving towards
planetary consciousness...

What kind of a world do we want for future generations on this planet? Is it possible to reverse the downward trends and systemic collapses we see today, so that a positive future is possible? If so, what do we need to DO?

These are the questions that drive the Planet Project, and here’s what we’re sure of so far. A bright future for humans on this planet means two things:

  • Systems that work for everyone, that is, a world where all people can thrive and contribute, where no one is held back by systems that discriminate. We call this social justice for short.
  • A harmonious relationship between humans and the planetary ecosystem (this includes all living beings), that is, a culture of sacred regard for Nature and the Planet. We call this environmental stewardship.

This is the Planet vision: a world that works for all people in harmony with the living planetary systems. This vision is aspirational – it’s the world we want, not the world we have. So, how do we achieve this? These are daunting goals and many brilliant people are already working in these areas. But the path becomes more clear when we see that both social justice and environmental stewardship spring naturally from one source: an understanding of connectedness. Beyond the merely intellectual, this is a felt sense of the human family and our invisible ties to all living things (trees, dogs, cows, …), with all of us embedded in the massively entangled system that is our miraculous living Planet, floating as one, in cold empty space. Our tagline All Beings, One Planet expresses this. A Planetary worldview of connectedness and wholeness is emerging on Earth that naturally supports and ensures social justice and environmental stewardship. We are shifting from "every man for himself" to "we are all in this together".

Quantum physics shows that connectedness is a deeper and more fundamental description of the world than the clunky material objects of the Newtonian world we know so well and believe in. But long before scientists discovered this, the worldview of connectedness was found almost universally throughout the Indigenous traditions of the world. There must be something to it, yet the “civilized” world is stuck in an objectified worldview, with a material world of dead, disconnected objects, making social injustice and environmental destruction acceptable. But things can change, and are changing, as humans begin to acquire planetary intelligence (see our blog).

The Planet Project aims to assist with humanity’s transition from a worldview of separateness to one of connectedness, from a culture of domination and exploitation to one of partnership and healing – a shift from the Material worldview and culture, to the Planetary. To find out more about how the Planet Project will help catalyze this shift, see our Strategy and Theory of Change, and explore our website at Most importantly, stay tuned to this channel, the Planet Project eNews, to find out how you can be part of the Planet Movement as it grows and spreads.

From the Team at the Planet Project

Thank you Monika Chace for donating your beautiful photo!

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evolution of human consciousness

Our Blog: Scientists Propose Planetary Intelligence. So do we.

We believe that planetary consciousness is the next step in the evolution of consciousness. To shift from material culture to planetary culture will require what scientists recently called a "planetary intelligence". We agree.
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Our latest progress...

Since we launched last month it's been busy in all the good ways.
  1. Thank you to the Boulder Masonic Lodge for hosting us last week in a presentation and discussion.
  2. We have just launched our Advisory Council with founding members Oak Thorne, Marc Bekoff, and Nikhil Mankekar. We'll share more on our website about these three change-makers who have worked tirelessly to make a better world, and who will now be helping us advance the Planet Project. Our Advisory Council will grow to include more wise influencers and movers who share the Planet vision.
  3. Thank you to volunteer Carol Friefeld for working with us on our content curation process.  
  4. Would your group like to hear about the Planet Movement? We have a presentation and discussion to share at your gathering, live or by zoom. Contact us at
  5. Ready to help grow the Movement? Skills or energy to contribute? We're searching for volunteers in a variety of roles. You know how to reach us.
  6. Coming next: a digital space for this community to connect!

We appreciate you!

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The Planet Vision

A civilization that empowers all people to thrive and contribute.
A culture of sacred regard for all life and the Planet.

See our 12 core values and 8 guiding principles here.

Planet Project core values and guiding principles


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