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The Shift is Happening …

From another mass shooting in the U.S. to the war in Ukraine, the news of the day is not good. In these times it’s tough to be optimistic about the future of humanity and easy to believe it’s all downhill from here. Hope is in short supply, yet inspiring people like Barack Obama (The Audacity of Hope) and Jane Goodall (The Book of Hope) urge us not to give up. As Jane says, “If young people succumb to the gloom and doom – if they lose hope – that’s the end.”
We are not rock stars like Obama and Goodall, just ordinary people who started the Planet Project to fuel hope and bring together people everywhere who are not ready to give up. Our view is that the many problems we face today are symptoms of something deeper: a pervasive materially-oriented culture that is blind to the web of life which we are all a part of. So instead of trying to solve hundreds of separate problems ­– a hopelessly difficult task ­– we aim to help shift the underlying culture to one that values service to others, and honors all beings, and recognizes the intrinsic wholeness and connectedness of the planetary system. We call this Planetary culture. There is hope in this strategy because we can create and change culture – that’s what humans do!  We’re just not doing it very thoughtfully right now.
Read more about the shift in our latest blog post and also check out our first community blog post, Geo sapiens – the Earth-wise Human, by naturalist Martin Ogle; and read on to find out about the inspiring work already going on in the world in this month’s Staff Picks. We celebrate and promote all these efforts because it will take all of us coming together – people and organizations – to co-create a world that works for everyone in harmony with our living planet.

The Team at the Planet Project

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Our Blog: The Shift - A Better Future IS Possible

Humanity has not always been like this, in fact it's a relatively recent phenomenon. And it does not need to continue this way. Read the full blog post here
Winners of 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize

Staff Pick: 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners

The Goldman Environmental Prize honors ordinary people who take extraordinary actions to protect our planet. Check out the six short videos profiling the winners!
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Culture Hack Labs


Staff Pick: Culture Hack Labs

The mission of Culture Hack Labs is to change the cultural narratives that create and justify ecological breakdown, extraction, and structural inequality. See more aligned change agents here

Our latest progress...

This past month we have been hard at work preparing for the next phase of the Planet Project. In the first phase, our focus has been on sharing information and galvanizing interest in both the root cause of our global crises and the possibilities for global response – a macro-shift from Material Culture to Planetary Culture. We hope that you are finding our website, blogs and newsletters informative and inspiring. We continue to extend our curated lists of aligned change agents and expressions of positive culture.

But we recognize that for many of you, as for us, just passively receiving information is not enough. Each of us yearns to take meaningful action, to make a difference in the world. And, if we are truly to change culture at global scale, it is clear that we can’t do it alone. We seek connection with others interested in co-creating a world that works for all. Together.

That is why the next phase of the Planet Project is so crucial. Because in this upcoming phase we will be launching the Planet Community. The Planet Community will offer you the chance to step up your level of engagement by becoming an active member of the Planet Movement. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing We-Space where you can discover and explore your own calling while also discovering and connecting with others who feel similarly moved to engage in substantive action.

We will have a lot more to say about the Planet Community when we formally launch it. Stay tuned!

How you can be involved...

  1. READ the Planet Project eNews and encourage everyone you know to subscribe.
  2. GET IN TOUCH with us at to share ideas, ask questions, or contribute creative work. We welcome submissions of all types that express positive culture and the planetary perspective.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD by forwarding this newsletters to others you know.
  4. VOLUNTEER with us. We need content curators, community builders, web developers, cultural influencers, and anyone moved to bring their gifts to help manifest the transformation. Get in touch with us at to find out how you can help, and to let us know about your special talents and interests.
  5. DONATE to help with our operating costs.

We appreciate you!

Planet Project - All Beings - One Planet

The Planet Vision

A civilization that empowers all people to thrive and contribute.
A culture of sacred regard for all life and the Planet.

See our 12 core values and 8 guiding principles here.

Planet Project core values and guiding principles


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