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MARCH, 2011

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In the last several communication workshops and team buildings I've done, the popular subject of "gossiping" has come up - repeatedly.  

First, let's define gossip:  I believe it's anything you say about another person that you would not say to their face.  We often rationalize our gossip by saying "I'm just venting, or processing".  It's still gossip.

There are many consequences to our engaging in this verbal exercise.  First, the gossip is often negative or even nasty - and that brings everyone's mood down, even though it can be a juicy social experience!  Most importantly, you label yourself as someone who is unsafe, petty.  People almost always wonder "What is he/she saying about me when I am not present?"  Other fallout in the workplace includes conflict, hurt feelings, and rumors running rampant.

First, let's acknowledge that gossiping is human and commonplace.  It meets our needs to be included, be "in the know", to be special, to be right,  and sometimes to get revenge when we feel we have been wronged.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Before you open your mouth - check your intention.  The only green light would be using this discussion to get help in identifying a solution to deal with the issue or person.  Be honest with yourself.


  • There is no trivial comment (verbal or nonverbal) ever made by a leader.  Every comment is noticed and given meaning.  Never, never speak negatively about any other member of your management team or ANY employee.  This includes nonverbal gestures like eye rolling or heavy sighs when the person's name is mentioned.  People will be eager to talk about your negative judgements and they will spread faster than a virus.


  • If you hear what sounds like a rumor, gently ask the person if they have "checked it out" with the source or would be willing to do so.  Stop feeding the rumor mill.


  • If you are with someone or a group and the talk turns to bad-mouthing someone else, politely excuse yourself (gotta go!) or gently say something like "I'm uncomfortable talking about _______ when they are not here.  Let's change the subject".  LIstening to gossip perpetuates it - silence doesn't count.


  • Some groups have agreed to the following ground rule:  When you gossip, you must acknowledge it to the person about whom you gossiped.  "Bob, I gossiped about you this morning and this is what I said. . ."  If your team doesn't want to play by this ground rule, you could always adopt it for yourself.  I guarantee it will force you to greater conscious! You will be very careful about what you say.
Let's all take a stand for more respectful communication - enhance your reputation as a classy person!  

I invite you to participate in an experiment.  For the next two weeks refrain from gossiping or entertaining gossip about ANYONE.  If you violate this, your two weeks starts over!  Be impeccable.


"Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true."  Robert Brault

"Improve relationships with others by assuming that they can hear everything you say about them".  Stephen R. Covey

"Small people talk about others.  Big people talk about events.  Great people talk about ideas."  Unknown.


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