Join the Natural Service Network. Together we will:

• inspire, cultivate, and nourish a life-long commitment to nature-based play and recreation in people of all ages, especially children and youth 

physically enhance, maintain, and  restore natural areas

bring high visibility to nature-based inter-generational service projects


PLANT native trees or wildflowers; HELP with trail clearing, invasive plant removal, river, stream or beach cleanup; HOST a recycling event; BUILD bat boxes, bird houses and bird feeders; CREATE a butterfly garden or a wild zone.


REACH OUT to others in your community and encourage them to participate.


Tell us about your project.  Share it on C&NN Connect  –  your STORIES, PHOTOS and LINKS just might inspire someone else!

Founding Sponsors:
US Fish & Wildlife Service and REI Inc.

US Fish and Wildlife Service          


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Natural Leaders Network

Let's G.O.!


A Special Invitation from the Natural Leaders Network:

Plan your natural service day in April and support this youth-led campaign.

Let's G.O.! (Let's Get Outside) provides a unique opportunity to participate in natural service and support a youth-led, month-long campaign to inspire people of all ages, from all walks of life to Get Outside.
“There is an energy within us…can you feel it?  It is in our genes. Generation after generation has ventured into the unknown with that energy. We are a movement that celebrates every day the sun rises and sets, every day a child digs into dirt or builds the first mud pie. Let this not be the last generation that celebrates time outdoors and Let’s G.O.! Get Outside!” - Juan Martinez, Natural Leaders Coordinator
The Let’s G.O.! Tool Kit will be available online February 5, 2011.

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