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Chair’s Report
The Board meets by teleconference every two months as well as twice yearly face to face. The OIA committees meet by teleconference as required as well as face to face whenever possible.  I join most committee meeting ex-officio and Joshua Kerr, Secretariat and I meet via Skype monthly. Verna Bronersky attends all meetings as rapporteur.
The following is a brief update of recent activities since our March meeting:
The Member Relations Committee has been contributing to the website redevelopment.  The committee will now begin to develop public relations material for International Osteopathy Awareness Week, 14-20 April 2014.  Next year we aim to link osteopathy awareness with local charities.  This provides community engagement with the profession and the opportunity to make a difference in our own regions as well as providing opportunities for Public Relations.
Editorial Committee - The OIA Status Report on Osteopathy Stage 2 has now reached a fourth draft. This draft will be reviewed by the World Health Organisation before final editing and publication in time for launch at the Annual General Meeting in Austin Texas, 11-12 January 2014.  This, first ever, global report on the practice, education and regulation of osteopathy will be an extremely useful document for the profession and for governments to appreciate the contribution that osteopathy makes to healthcare delivery.
The Membership Committee has processed several new applications for membership.  Current membership consists of: Sixty-nine (69) member organisations, representing institutions in twenty-seven (27) countries; eleven (11) Full, nine (9) Associate and forty-nine (49) Partner members.
The Governance Committee is continuing to review the OIA bylaws and Policy and Procedures manual.  This has helped clarify the intent of the OIA as described in our mission and vision.  These changes help us to evolve as a mature organisation. The proposed changes will be recommended to the members for consideration at the Austin AGM.
The External Relations Committee is working on the ongoing relationship with World Health Organisation, WHO.  The first teleconference of global osteopathic researchers was held in June. Another is planned for September.  These meetings are in preparation for the international osteopathic research forum that will take place with the Austin AGM on 12 January 2014.  The aim is to establish a global osteopathic research network that will facilitate literature reviews, establish a web based research collation and access point and ultimately facilitate collaborative research.

The Conference Organising Committee has been developing an excellent program for our next meeting: Austin, Texas Annual Conference and General Meeting, 10-12 January 2014, in conjunction with the OME/CME and the AAOE Conferences.  The theme, “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”, will be heralded by the launch of the Stage 2, Status Report on Osteopathy as described above.  As well as plenary sessions where all will come together there will be networking opportunities and the following fora:
  • Management of osteopathic professional associations
  • Regulation of osteopathy
  • Education in osteopathy
  • Research in and relevant to osteopathy
Administration Team – Day to day business keeps Joshua Kerr and Verna Bronersky busy as described above as well as responding to member enquiries.  The current big project at head office is the new website which is due to go live in September 2013!
Michael Mulholland-Licht
Chair, OIA Board of Directors
Join Us: 2014 Austin Conference!
The OIA will hold its next conference and AGM in Austin, Texas, 11-12 January 2014, in conjunction with the OME/CME and the AAOE Conferences.  The theme is “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”. This will be underscored by the delivery of the Stage 2 Status Report on Osteopathy and give a global view of the weight and impact of the osteopathic profession. 
OIA will host international fora for four pillars of the osteopathic profession:
  • Management of osteopathic professional associations
  • Regulation of osteopathy
  • Education in osteopathy
  • Research in and relevant to osteopathy
Preliminary schedule:
Friday, 10 January
16:00—17:00   Members’ Open Session – Informal discussion (not part of registration or required for attendance)
Official Conference Start
Saturday, 11 January – Partnered with AAOE
08:30—15:30   Conference
16:00—17:30   OIA Annual General Meeting
Evening   OIA Reception
Sunday, 12 January
08:30—15:00   Conference
15:15—16:00   Closing Session

Mark your diaries now, we hope to see you all in Austin!

More information will be available on the website shortly.  Online conference registration will begin in September.

Country Profile

Osteopathy in New Zealand
The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act was passed by the New Zealand Parliament on 11 September 2003 and received the Royal assent on 18 September 2003.  The Act came fully into force on 18 September 2004 and in doing so repealed 11 occupational statutes governing 13 professions.  Osteopathy was the only new profession to be regulated by the 2003 Act.  There was one osteopathic programme, at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, and three professional associations; approximately 300 practitioners registered under the Act with the newly formed Osteopathic Council of New Zealand when the Act came into force.
During 2012, the members of the remaining two professional associations made it clear that the time had come to end the old divisions and unify the profession.  In March this year both of the existing groups dissolved themselves and, the next day the new single body “Osteopaths New Zealand” was born, with former OIA Chair Clive Standen acting as ‘midwife’ at an all day Town Hall type meeting in Auckland.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Committee of the newly formed organisation is composed of people who had no intention of standing for office when they left home to attend the meeting.

In the meantime, over its first decade the Osteopathic Council has fitted into the regulatory landscape in New Zealand, forming close working relationships with other professions, working to establish extended scopes of practice for osteopaths and develop closer relationships with statutory regulators in other countries.

For more on the osteopathic profession in New Zealand, visit the Osteopaths New Zealand website.

Change in Dues Billing Cycle

Beginning with the 2014 dues period, the OIA billing cycle will be moved forward on the calendar so that annual membership dues will be paid before the beginning of the cycle (calendar year) rather than sending dues notices during that current cycle. Therefore you will receive your 2014 dues notices starting in October 2013, rather than in January 2014. 

We hope this does not cause any confusion, if you have questions, please email the Secretariat at OIA@osteopathic.org.

Partner Profiles & Member Resources

Partner Profiles, highlighting Partner member organisations’ missions and activities, are now available from: 
  • Registro de Osteopatas de Argentina
  • University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
The Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 1 has been prepared to present the broad range of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine, including both professional "streams": the osteopaths and osteopathic physicians worldwide. The report has been developed by the OIA Board of Directors, with input from our member organisations and in concert with the World Health Organisation. It is intended to accompany the WHO Benchmarks and provide further details about the profession, covering the following topics:
  • Osteopathy/osteopathic medicine in its historical and current context.
  • Osteopathic core competencies.
  • Existing regulatory models.
  • Educational standards worldwide.
You can also find the Osteopath FAQ Brochure on our website, translated into 7 languages.
Also available is the Global Digest of Osteopathic Organisations, which provides a list of osteopathic organisations in various countries. This document is updated as new information is received.  

August 2013 Issue


Mr Michael Mulholland-Licht, Chair
Dr Jane Carreiro, Vice-Chair
Dr Peter Ajluni, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr William Burke
Mr Simon Fielding
Mr Charles Hunt
Dr med Johannes Mayer
Dr Karen Nichols
Mr Tim Walker

Members: Include the OIA Logo on Your Site
We welcome our members to include the OIA logo on your website and targeted membership communications. If your organisation would be interested in learning more about use of the logo and how to request it, please visit our site

2013-2014 Member Meetings
• The American Academy of Osteopathy CME Courses
• The American Association of Osteopathic Examiners Annual Summit Meeting, 10-11 January, 2014, Austin, TX, US
  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field: The Next Step”, 20-23 September, 2013, Paul E. Dart, MD FCA Conference Director,Eric J. Dolgin, DO FCA, Associate Conference Director Doubletree Portland Hotel, Portland, Oregon
  • Introductory Course – Osteopathy in the Cranial Field”, 15-19 February, 2014, Zina Pelkey DO, Course Director Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Lake Buena Vista, Florida
• Institute of Osteopathic Medicine
St Petersburg, “General Osteopathic Treatment”, Pierre VEY France, 14-16 September 2013
• American Osteopathic Association Osteopathic Medical Education Conference, Las Vegas, NV, US, 30 September - 2 October 2013

• German Osteopathic Association International Congress, 4-6 October, 2013, Bamberg, Germany
• British School of Osteopathy CPD Courses and Conferences
• Midwestern University/Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Costin Institute for Osteopathic Medical Educators, Chicago, IL, US, Takes place over 4 weekend sessions several times throughout the year
If your organisation would like to share upcoming events, please email the Secretariat at OIA@osteopathic.org

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