Chairman's Column

Chair’s Report
Our global organisation is gaining traction and this phase of delivery of member benefits has started strongly.
OIA finances are strong and stable yet we need to consider this in light of generous in kind support from AOA-US. We only pay a portion of the actual cost of administration and secretariat services provided to members. 
The new OIA website is online after member consultation via the Member Relations Committee and significant support and collaboration with OIA Secretariat.
Member Relations Committee Has also met to develop a plan and material for International Osteopathic Healthcare Week 13-19 April 2014. Please make a note in your diary to join this collective effort to increase public and professional awareness of osteopathy.
Membership currently stands at 10 Full members, 9 Associate members and 52 Partner members.
Editorial Committee has completed drafting the Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 2: Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine: A Global View of Patients, Practice, Education and the Contribution to Healthcare Delivery. We are very excited to launch this report in January at the Austin Conference.
Conference Organising Committee has developed a solid program for our Austin Meeting and AGM, 11-12 January. See the website for details. A significant overhaul of OIA By-laws and Procedures Manual has taken place over the year. This has clarified language to be more in keeping with the intent of these documents.
External Relations Committee have progressed our relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Joshua Kerr and Dr Bill Burke met with Dr Zhang Qi, coordinator, Traditional and Complimentary Medicine Unit, in Geneva in May. As chair of OIA I was invited to attend the launch of WHO Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TM) Strategy, 2014-2023 and participate in WHO High-Level Meeting on the Implementation of WHO TM Strategy in Macau in October. OIA is currently in a working relationship with WHO with the aim of progressing to an official partnership after another 12 months of cooperation.
International Osteopathic Research Network has held two teleconferences to work towards collaborative research. The group will meet in Austin to progress this work.
The OIA Board held a strategic planning workshop in October. The draft 3 year plan was circulated to member organisations for comment and will be finalized and adopted at our AGM in Austin in January. From this plan an annual action plan and budget will be developed. 
Congratulations to the Committees and Board on the excellent work that has been done this year. 
Joshua Kerr has played a key role as our Executive officer in coordinating all of the above activities. Linda Mascheri has attended our Board meetings and brings a wealth of experience on international matters. Verna Bronersky has been on every conference call of every committee and worked silently behind the scenes, supporting all activities, reporting and proving administration to our work.
Thank you all. It is an honor and very satisfying to work with such a dedicated and talented team.
I look forward to meeting with our members in Austin Texas 11-12 January 2014 for the AGM and Conference.  This will be our most comprehensive programme so far.
Michael Mulholland-Licht
Chair, OIA Board of Directors
Join Us: 2014 Austin Conference!
We hope you will all join us at our next Conference and AGM in Austin, Texas, 11-12 January 2014, in conjunction with the OME/CME and the AAOE Conferences. The Conference, “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”, will be underscored by the delivery of the Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 2 and give a global view of the weight and impact of the osteopathic profession. 
OIA will host international fora for four pillars of the osteopathic profession:
  • Management of osteopathic professional associations
  • Regulation of osteopathy
  • Education in osteopathy
  • Research in and relevant to osteopathy
Saturday, 11 January – Partnered with American Association of Osteopathic Examiners (AAOE)

Programme Overview 
08:30—09:00 Plenary Session Welcome from OIA & AAOE Leadership and AOA-US Leadership

09:00—12:20 Keynote Presentations
  • Scope of Practice
  • Regulation, registration and licensure Updates
  • Revalidation
12:20—13:30 OIA-AAOE Networking Lunch

13:30—15:30 Concurrent Discussion Forums
  • Education/Revalidation
  • Regulation/Registration 
16:00—17:30 OIA Annual General Meeting

Evening Reception
Sunday, 12 January
Programme Overview 
08:30—09:05 Welcome & Unveiling of “Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine: A Global View of Practice, Patients, Education and the Contribution to Healthcare Delivery”

09:05—10:50 Research Presentations
  • Clinical Based Research 
  • Practice Based Research 
  • Approach to Research Design, Management and Funding
10:50—11:00 Break

11:00—12:00 Education Accreditation

11:00—15:00 By Invitation Only: “International Osteopathic Research Network”

12:00—13:00 Networking Lunch

13:00—15:00 How Your Organisation Can Best Support the Osteopathic Community and Equip Your Members for Leadership: thoughts and lessons from the United Kingdom and United States 

15:15—16:00 Closing Session & October Conference Preview
Find the full agenda and registration information on our website. 
Also optional for OIA Attendees: Register to attend the Friday session of the Osteopathic Medical Education Leadership Conference, “Virtually There: Advancing Education Through Technology, Innovation and Collaboration”. Registration is only USD $75 when you sign up for the OIA Conference. You can view the agenda and register online at the same time you register for the OIA Conference.

Country Profile

United States Osteopathic Update
Osteopathic physicians (DOs) trained in the United States are recognized by all 50 states and the District of Columbia as equivalent to their allopathic (MDs) counterparts, and both are licensed for the unlimited practice of medicine.
Protecting the equivalency of the osteopathic profession is an important priority for the American Osteopathic Association (AOA-US) and American Association of Osteopathic Examiners (AAOE). Often, legislators introduce legislation that impacts the practice of medicine, but exclude osteopathic education, training and certification. The AOA-US and AAOE work in the legislative and regulatory arenas to maintain this equal recognition, promote the osteopathic profession as a whole and ensure that patients continue to have access to high quality osteopathic medical care. 
State osteopathic and medical boards are also looking at implementing lifelong competency demonstration programs into their licensure renewal process as a way to ensure that patients are protected throughout the course of a physician’s career. Policy supporting this concept, called Maintenance of Licensure (MOL), was adopted by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and is being studied by several states. As part of this program, the AOA-US is working with the FSMB and state osteopathic and medical boards to ensure that its own lifelong competency demonstration program for AOA-US Board Certified DOs, Osteopathic Continuous Certification, is recognized as substantially meeting state approved MOL requirements. 
The United States has a projected workforce shortage, specifically for primary care in rural and underserved areas. To compound this issue, federal funding for Graduate Medical Education (GME) was capped in 1997. As a result, states are increasingly looking at funding GME in an effort to address workforce shortage issues. This year, a Florida budget proposal to expand funding for GME failed to recognize Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education (OGME) accredited by the AOA-US. Through the work of the AOA-US and Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, the proposal was amended to recognize AOA-US programs. This issue will likely continue to be raised as states initiate state funding mechanisms for GME. The United State osteopathic profession is expected to continue working to ensure that OGME is recognized and AOA-US programs have equal access to funding for these important training positions. 
The regulation of pain management practice has become popular in recent years. This has come as a result of the growing prescription drug abuse problem across the country. Legislation in this area is usually focuses on requirements for operating pain management clinics or prescription drug monitoring programs. The AOA-US offers several specialty certifications related to pain practice and accredits pain related Continuing Medical Education. It is important for DOs that these programs are recognized as states institute pain regulations so that they can continue to provide necessary care to their patients.
Finally, scope of practice has continued to be a popular issue across the United States, with bills to expand scope for nurses, midwives, chiropractors, naturopaths, pharmacists, optometrists, physical therapists, physician assistants, podiatrists and psychologists. The AOA-US supports the physician-led team approach to patient care, where the physician works with non-physician to provide comprehensive healthcare services to their patients. This allows each provider to practice to the full extent of their education and training under the supervision of a physician who is qualified to diagnose conditions, establish a treatment plan and manage the overall care of their patients.
December 2013 Issue

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Mr Michael Mulholland-Licht, Chair
Dr Jane Carreiro, Vice-Chair
Dr Peter Ajluni, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr William Burke
Mr Simon Fielding
Mr Charles Hunt
Dr med Johannes Mayer
Dr Karen Nichols
Mr Tim Walker
Change in 2014 Dues Billing Cycle
As previously reported, the dues billing has been moved forward in the calendar year, so that annual membership dues will be paid before the beginning of the cycle (calendar year). We have sent out all of the 2014 dues notices, if you have not received your notice please email vbronersky@osteopathic.org. You can also pay your dues online.
Members: Include the OIA Logo on Your Site
We welcome our members to include the OIA logo on your website and targeted membership communications. If your organisation would be interested in learning more about use of the logo and how to request it, please visit our site
2013-2014 Member Meetings & Conferences
The American Academy of Osteopathy
Continuing Medical Education Programmes

The American Association of Osteopathic Examiners Annual Summit Meeting, 10-11 January 2014, Austin, Texas (US)  - Partnered with OIA

The British School of Osteopathy
The Institute of Osteopathic Medicine
Tissue-oriented approach, Levels 1 & 2
St Petersburg (RU) & Le Mont Saint-Michel (FR) 
Midwestern University/Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Costin Institute for Osteopathic Medical Educators; Takes place over 4 weekend sessions several times throughout the year, Chicago, IL (US) 
The Osteopathic Cranial Academy
Introductory Course: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
15-19 February 2014
Lake Buena Vista, Florida (US)
Key Elements in Effective Osteopathic Practice
21-23 February 2014
Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista, Lake Buena Vista, Florida (US)
Orthopedics, Posture and the Primary Respiratory Mechanism
11-13 April 2014 
San Francisco Bay area, California (US)
If your organisation would like to share upcoming events, please email the Secretariat at OIA@osteopathic.org
Partner Profiles & Member Resources
Partner Profiles, highlighting Partner member organisations’ missions and activities, are now available from: 
  • The Osteopathy Board of Australia 
  • Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals (OFOP)
You can also find the Osteopath FAQ Brochure on our website, translated into 7 languages.
Also available is the Global Digest of Osteopathic Organisations, which provides a list of osteopathic organisations in various countries. This document is updated as new information is received.  

History and Current Context of the Osteopathic Profession
The OIA’s Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 1, is available online for free download. The Report presents the broad range of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine, including both professional “streams”: the osteopaths and osteopathic physicians worldwide. It includes: 
  • Osteopathy/osteopathic medicine in its historical and current context
  • Osteopathic core competencies
  • Existing regulatory models
  • Educational standards worldwide
Our mailing address is:
142 E. Ontario St, Chicago, IL, 60611, USA
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