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Chairman's Column
This will be my last report as chairman of the OIA Board.  I would like to thank the current board members as well as those that served last year for taking time from their busy careers and directing their talents to OIA work.  They have all helped to advance the global presence of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine.
The Board and Committees continue to
action the initiatives mapped out in the
2014-2016 Strategic Plan. The four main domains being:
  • Advocacy
  • Member Activities
  • Research
  • Governance
Thanks to the OIA secretariat for delivering and implementing all of our projects.
What Next?
Research is the next priority.  The International Osteopathic Research Network is now established and starting to deliver small pieces as it plans to coordinate larger pieces of work.
Perception.  I am still amazed that after ten years of careful establishment some osteopaths that I talk to in different parts of the world have a misconception that OIA is 1. Physician dominated and 2. USA focused.
Both of these assumptions are FALSE.  The Board structure and voting have been carefully developed so that no individual group can control.  The chair is alternated between an osteopath and osteopathic physician.  I am an osteopath from Australia.  Once people come to OIA meetings and participate, they soon realize that all is transparent and those involved are truly supporting the Vision and Mission.  The coexistence of the two models gives us strength and diversity.  It is easy to criticize from afar, come and help make the changes that are worthwhile.
International Osteopathic Healthcare Week
The OIA completed its second International Osteopathic Healthcare Week this April. This year’s program saw a large increase in activity and participation from OIA membership. More than a dozen members from the U.S., New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France and Australia participated in the Week through activities ranging from sharing information on twitter to asking their members to provide monetary donations to foundations, and donations of clinical time, to providing fliers to their members to share with patients and health officials, and holding an open house for the public to learn about the osteopathic profession.  Through email and Twitter, the OIA highlighted different tools their members can utilize for promoting the profession, including the recently published Global Osteopathic Report, FAQs for the public, highlighting the newly created OIA Research Network.  Germany initiated a co-operation with tennis legend Steffi Graf to raise awareness of osteopathy and support a local charity.
Global Osteopathic Report 
The Report is available as a PDF download, or purchase as hard copy from the OIA website.  The report is supported by a survey carried out by the OIA to produce an audit of current osteopathic practice, based on a global ‘snapshot’ of patients, as well as a census of osteopathic organisations and practitioners in more than 30 countries. Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine: A Global View of Practice, Patients, Education and the Contribution to Healthcare Delivery describes the current state of the osteopathic profession globally and how it functions within national health delivery systems across a range of countries.  This document provided data for the WHO TM Strategy, enabling osteopathy to gain a presence in the document.  WHO in turn provided a forward for the OIA Report.
World Health Organisation
The OIA continues to progress its relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO), most recently meeting  with Dr Zhang Qi, coordinator, Traditional and Complimentary Medicine Unit, in Geneva during the World Health Assembly in May. The OIA contributed data on the global osteopathic profession to the WHO Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TM) Strategy, 2014-2023, which was adopted by the WHO member states at this year’s Assembly. The meeting with Dr Zhang also provided several pathways that the OIA will explore to continue its work with the WHO, including researching best practices in quality and safety for the osteopathic profession, creation of a document on clinical practices, and exploring protocols for clinical outcomes data collection across the profession. The OIA is currently in a working relationship with the WHO with the aim of progressing to an official partnership.
The OIA Global Report and the WHO Traditional Medicine strategy are useful companion documents as the WHO strategy recommends the integration of TM into national healthcare systems.  Please take every opportunity to utilise them while they are current.  Order your copy now.
London Annual Conference and General Meeting
The OIA will hold its next conference and AGM in London, England, 3-5 October 2014, in partnership with the British Osteopathy Association.  The conference will build on the work done at the OIA’s Austin Conference, continuing the theme “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”, and focusing on four pillars of the profession: Osteopathic education, international research collaboration, regulation /accreditation, and association leadership/management. 
The programme will also have a Special Interest Group discussion on osteopathic involvement in the Olympics, following the creation of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association for the London Games and, subsequently the International Osteopathic Sports Care Association.

View the preliminary programme now and watch for the conference and hotel registration information, it's coming shortly!
OIA will be celebrating its 10th Birthday in London.  Please come and join the party!
Montreal Conference and AGM
The 2015 Conference will be held in conjunction with Osteopathy Quebec in Montreal, Canada, 25-27 September. 
2016 Call for Meeting Venue Proposals
The call to host the 2016 Conference and AGM has been sent out and is posted on our website. The 2016 host will be announced in London.

It has been an honor and opportunity for much personal and professional growth to serve the membership as chair for the past 2 years.  Thank you all for your support.

Michael Mulholland-Licht
Chair, OIA Board of Directors
July 2014 Issue

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Mr Michael Mulholland-Licht, Chair
Dr Jane Carreiro, Vice-Chair
Dr Peter Ajluni, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr William Burke
Ms Ana Paula Ferreira
Mr Charles Hunt
Dr Karen Nichols
Ms Marina Urquhart-Pullen
Dr Alain Wurtz

London Conference Programme Now Available!
The OIA is pleased to present our London Programme, “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”, being held in conjunction with the British Osteopathic Association’s conference, at the Runnymede-on-Themes Hotel. Conference and hotel registration will be available shortly. Please note that both conference and hotel registration will be completed through the Conference website, you do not need to book hotel separately.

Partner Profiles
Partner Profiles, highlighting Partner member organisations’ missions and activities, are now available from: 
  • Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE)
  • Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA)

Research Network
At the Austin Annual conference in January, an international osteopathic research network was founded as part of the OIA. The Network aims to foster collaboration, coordination and knowledge exchange as a means to promote rigorous international research efforts on osteopathic principles and practices and to promote the translation of osteopathically relevant research into practice to optimize patient care. Learn more and participate online and at our London Conference!

OIA Membership
The OIA has 75 organisational members representing 28 countries on 5 continents; 11 Full, 9 Associate and 55 Partner members.  Please welcome our newest members:

Full Member:
  • Osteopaths New Zealand (ONZ), New Zealand
Partner Members:
  • European Federation of Osteopaths (EFO), Belgium
  • Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE), United Kingdom
  • Brasilian Institute of Osteopathy (IBO), Brasil
  • Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA), United Kingdom
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