Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I hope to welcome you all in Potsdam, Germany at the international osteopathic conference 29 September to 2 October. In the main program “Thorax: Movement, Breathing, Life” we cover one of the most important areas in the body from all aspects of osteopathy: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Lymphatics, Cranial and energetic aspects. The list of lecturers is a Who’s Who in osteopathy and we will have more than 30 workshops.  Ahead the main programme OIA/OsEAN will present their educational forum with one main topic: "Teaching Palpation".  We will look at palpation from all possible aspects, theoretically, philosophically, from a scientific and a didactic standpoint. This topic is a must for all teachers in osteopathy.  Beside all the conference staff, I want to emphasize that we will have about 450 osteopaths and osteopathic physicians from around the world sharing the same ideas and concepts.  Let’s create a new style of networking with an open mind and eager to learn from each other. The time for fighting between the different groups is no more, it’s time for unifying the profession and for development of osteopathy into future.
In our daily work very often we have to fight against insurances, because they are not willing to for pay all kinds of OMT, especially visceral and cranio-sacral.  The arguments worldwide are these areas of osteopathy are not proven and not scientific. This year we had some important court decisions in Germany. In the first level they decided that visceral osteopathy is effective and proven, so a private insurance has to pay for visceral osteopathy. In the second level decision the higher court in Halle, east Germany decided that this is true and cannot be given to the next level for decision. So visceral osteopathy has something like a legal acceptance by higher court and this causes an obligation for insurances to pay for visceral osteopathy.
In Potsdam the OIA will have its AGM on Friday, 30 September at 16.00. We will have reports from the Board and all our committees on the work over the last year. The main topic will be the first draft of the “Status Report on Osteopathy”.
I wish you all safe travels to Germany, let’s see everyone in Potsdam!

Johannes Mayer, MD DOM
Chair, OIA Board of Directors

2011 Potsdam Annual Educational Forum and General Meeting
On 29 September to 2 October, 2011, in Potsdam, the VOD and DGOM have partnered to organise its annual International Congress on Osteopathy, Thorax: Movement, Breathing, Life, and would be honored to see all of you there.  As part of this Congress, the OIA will be partnering with the Osteopathic European Academic Network (OsEAN), to presents its Educational Forum which will focus on the theme “Teaching Palpation”, and include hands-on workshops.  
Conference Highlights:
On Thursday 29 September through 30 Friday, the OIA and Osteopathic European Academic Network (OsEAN) will hold our “teaching palpation” forum that includes presentations and workshops.  On Friday afternoon the OIA will have its round table discussion about all important political issues, especially pertinent to the WHO; we will end the conference with our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  
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