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The Board held its half yearly meeting in conjunction with the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO, Partner member) Convocation in Orlando, Florida USA. As well as the business and committee work reported below the Board dedicated half a day to strategic planning, facilitated by consultant Bonnie Koenig.
The OIA committees have been actively engaged with their tasks that were mapped out at the Paris AGM. As was identified at our strategic planning session, OIA has progressed from a phase of establishment to one of delivering services to our members.
To that end:
  • Member Relations Committee has developed resources for members in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that are now available. The Board made one further inclusion: Q. “Does the OIA support both streams (osteopath and osteopathic physician) of the osteopathic profession?” A. Yes! The committee has also begun to develop public relations material for International Osteopathy Awareness Week, 14-20 April 2014.
  • Editorial Committee has contracted a professional writer and produced the first draft of the OIA Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 2. WHO requested a selection of bullet points from the first draft to consider for inclusion in their 2014 Strategy Document. The second draft will be completed during the Northern Hemisphere spring. Thanks to all national member organisations that supplied data for the brief survey of practitioner and student numbers that evidence the rapid growth of our profession. 
  • Membership Committee has completed the first round of five year reviews. Current membership is as follows:  Sixty-eight (68) member organisations, representing institutions in twenty-seven (27) countries; eleven (11) Full, nine (9) Associate and forty-eight (48) Partner members. 
  • Governance Committee has reviewed and is continuing to review several sections of the OIA bylaws & policy and procedures. This has helped clarify the intent of the OIA as described in our mission and vision. The proposed bylaws changes will be recommended to the members for consideration at the Austin AGM.
  • External Relations Committee is working on the ongoing relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO). OIA has been approached by two national organisations requesting to network with our international links. Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA), who supported the osteopathic team at the 2012 London Olympics wish to pass the baton via OIA and talks are underway with Rio de Janeiro for 2016. National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) has sought OIA assistance in linking international osteopathic research efforts. An international osteopathic research forum is planned as a component of the Austin AGM.
  • Conference Organising Committee has developed a procedures template for annual conferences and working with host organisations. Currently, planning is underway for the Austin, Texas AGM, 11-12 January 2014.
  • Administration Team – as well as the day to day administration and behind the scenes running of the organisation, staff have updated content on the OIA website. A complete upgrade is scheduled for June 2013.
Austin, Texas Annual Conference and General Meeting

The OIA will hold its next conference and AGM in Austin, Texas, 11-12 January 2014, in conjunction with the OME/CME and the AAOE Conferences.  The theme is “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”. This will be underscored by the delivery of the Stage 2 Status Report on Osteopathy and give a global view of the weight and impact of the osteopathic profession. 
OIA will host international fora for four pillars of the osteopathic profession:
  • Management of osteopathic professional associations
  • Regulation of osteopathy
  • Education in osteopathy
  • Research in and relevant to osteopathy
Mark your diaries now, we hope to see you all in Austin!
Michael Mulholland-Licht
Chair, OIA Board of Directors
Orlando Midyear Meeting Highlights

The OIA Board met at the AAO's 76th Convocation. We appreciate the more than two dozen attendees from our member organisations who were able to join us in Orlando. 

Following are highlights from the meeting:
  • International Osteopathic Awareness Week was 14-18 April. The Board encouraged all member organisations to share any documents that they use to discuss the osteopathic profession in their country and that a larger global osteopathic awareness week will be planned for the future.
  • The Board held a Member Open Forum where they reported on the progress of the Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 2 which will be completed and available before the Austin Conference in January 2014.
  • At this Open Forum members in Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, the UK and the USA provided reports on the state of the profession in their countries. 
  • The Board reviewed its bylaws and policies to ensure they are up to date and reflect the aims of OIA.
  • The Board held a Strategic Planning Session in order to develop a new Strategic Plan and Business Plan, which will go into effect later this year.

Call for 2015 Conference Proposals

The Board of Directors invite you and your organisation to apply to host the OIA’s 2015 Conference and AGM. Our new yearly conference theme is “Osteopathy: A Global Presence”, and our conferences normally have between 80 and 100 attendees (not including the Board and staff). The conferences are normally held September through November in partnership with a member organisation’s conference, thought these are not requirements.
The deadline for submission is Monday, 1 July.  You will find the application form and additional information on the website

Dues Billing Cycle Change

Beginning with the 2014 dues period, the OIA billing cycle will be moved forward on the calendar so that annual membership dues will be paid before the beginning of the cycle (calendar year) rather than sending dues notices during that current cycle. Therefore you will receive your 2014 dues notices starting in October 2013, rather than in January 2014. 

We hope this does not cause any confusion, if you have questions, please email the Secretariat at OIA@osteopathic.org.

Partner Profiles & Member Resources 
Partner Profiles, highlighting Partner member organisations’ missions and activities, are now available from: 
  • European Register for Osteopathic Physicians (EROP)
  • Unitec Institute of Technology
The Status Report on Osteopathy, Stage 1 has been prepared to present the broad range of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine, including both professional "streams": the osteopaths and osteopathic physicians worldwide. The report has been developed by the OIA Board of Directors, with input from our member organisations and in concert with the World Health Organisation. It is intended to accompany the WHO Benchmarks and provide further details about the profession, covering the following topics:
  • Osteopathy/osteopathic medicine in its historical and current context.
  • Osteopathic core competencies.
  • Existing regulatory models.
  • Educational standards worldwide.
You can also find the Osteopath FAQ Brochure on our website, translated into 7 languages.
Also available is the Global Digest of Osteopathic Organisations, which provides a list of osteopathic organisations in various countries. This document is updated as new information is received.  

2013 Member Meetings
If your organisation would like to share upcoming events, please email the Secretariat at OIA@osteopathic.org

April 2013 Issue


Mr Michael Mulholland-Licht, Chair
Dr Jane Carreiro, Vice-Chair
Dr Peter Ajluni, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr William Burke
Mr Simon Fielding
Mr Charles Hunt
Dr med Johannes Mayer
Dr Karen Nichols
Mr Tim Walker

Save the Date for the 2014 Winter Conference
We are excited to invite all members to our next Conference and General Meeting, "Osteopathy: A Global Presence," 11-12 January 2014 in Austin, Texas, USA in conjunction with the 24th Annual Osteopathic Medical Education Leadership Conference and the American Association of Osteopathic Examiners (AAOE, Partner member) Conference. Please enter this date in your diary now.

What topics would you like for future conferences?
The Conference Organising committee is eager to hear from our members about the topics you would be interested in for future conferences.  You can send your suggestions to vbronersky@osteopathic.org.

Pay Your Dues Online
If you would like to pay your 2013 dues online, please do so on our secure payment link

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