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E-News: October 2015



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USEE Communicator

Join the Green Schools Awards Program!

We are now accepting 2015-2016 applications for the
to recognize and promote sustainable practices in the Facility and Curriculum of schools in Utah.
- Participate as a classroom or an entire school! -

Be a Part of the USEE Team! 

We are looking for motivated and passionate interns and volunteers! Do you have experience in communications, social media, events, or fundraising? We need your help!
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Providing support, resources and networking to Utah's community of educators for more than 30 years! 

We work with:
Teachers & Schools 
Government Policy Makers
Great Educational Organizations

Promoting education that is:
Interdisciplinary & Hands-On
Student-Centered & Inquiry-Driven
Relevant to Students’ Everyday Lives

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Professional Development Workshops

Easily Integrate EE into the Classroom with Nationally Recognized and Award-Winning Curriculum 

Join USEE and our community partners! We provide participants with ideas and resources to integrate environmental education into the classroom, while still meeting core curriculum requirements.

Teachers can receive USOE credit for participating!


Project Learning Tree (K-12)
Saturday 24th 9am-3pm
(Utah Art Alliance-SLC, UT)

Project Learning Tree Early Childhood and Growing UP WILD (PreK-2nd)
Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th 9am-3pm 
(Utah Arts Alliance-SLC,UT)


Project Learning Tree (K-12)
Saturday 7th 9am-3pm 
(Natural History Museum of Utah)

Project Learning Tree Early Childhood and Growing UP WILD (PreK-2nd)
Tuesday 17th & Thursday 19th  9am-3pm 


Project Learning Tree (K-12)
Monday 14th & Wednesday 16th 5:30pm-8:30pm

Project WET (K-12)
Saturday 23rd  9am-3pm 


Project Learning Tree Early Childhood and Growing UP WILD (PreK-2nd)
Saturday 9th 9am-1pm 
(Red Butte Garden)

Project WET (K-12)
Saturday 23rd 9am-3pm 
Register for workshops HERE
Contact us about setting up a workshop at your school or organization!

*Availability may vary with time of year and location. 6 or more participants required.

EE Events


Member Events


Special Event: Brian Richter on the Future of Water Conservation

October 27th, 2015


Location: Swaner Preserve

Chief Scientist for the Nature Conservancy, Brian Richter will be talking about his experience with water science and conservation, and what the future holds in this crucial area. Brian has been a global leader in water science and conservation for more than 25 years.  He is the Chief Scientist for the Water Program of the Nature Conservancy, an international conservation organization, where he promotes sustainable water use and management with governments, corporations and local communities.  He is also the President of Sustainable Waters, a global water education organization.  Brian has consulted on more than 120 water projects worldwide.  He serves as a water advisor to some of the world's largest corporations, investment banks and the United Nations, and has testified before the U.S. Congress on multiple occasions. He also teaches a course on Water Sustainability at the University of Virginia.



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Local EE Events


Trailblazers for Clean Energy Speaker Series:
Eric Corey Freed- Green Architect, Author and Speaker

November 5th, 2015


Location: S.J. Quinney College of Law

Hear how these trendsetters are tackling issues of climate change! Eric Corey Freed is considered a pioneer in the tradition of Organic Architecture. A lifetime proponent of individualism and sustainability, Eric is a licensed architect at organicARCHITECT where he is the LEED AP, Hon. FIGP.  Promoting both an organic and ecological approach to design, Eric wishes to provide an alternative to what he calls the "harsh, style-driven fashions" that are so popular in architecture today. 


Educators Corner


EE News

Utah science standards are currently being rewritten for grades 6-8: Survey for Public Comment is open now!
Earlier this month, a second draft of the Utah science standards was released and is now open for public review. Notably, a grade 6 standard about Earth's climate was changed from the original draft. Changes made to the standard will be of concern to environmental education practitioners and supporters, as well as all Utah science teachers.
The first draft read "Ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise in global temperatures over the past century" while the revised version reads "Construct an explanation supported by evidence for how the natural greenhouse effect maintains Earth's energy balance and a relatively constant temperature."
Click here to voice your opinion about this change! 

Teacher Resource in the Spotlight


Teaching Trunks

USEE is excited to announce our newest resource for educators,Teaching Trunks! We have avariety of trunks, each based on specific animal or theme, such as "Amphibians and Reptiles" or "Wetlands," and each filled with relevant curricula, references, journals, magazines, and videos, as well as field teaching supplies. They are all available now for teachers to check out and use with their classes! Visit our Teacher Resource Center for a list trunks & their contents. Click HERE to reserve a Teaching Trunk Today!

EE Video of the Month

SciShow: Why Leaves Change Color


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EE Job, Internship, and Volunteer Opportunities

Is your organization looking for help advertising jobs and internships? USEE posts open positions in the field of Environmental Education on our website ( as well as our monthly E-Newsletter. Please send current job openings, internships and volunteer opportunities to

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