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Plastic bags don't need to be tomorrow's pollution.
There's no denying that plastic bags are a hotly debated topic in the eco-scene. But solving this problem doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor - indeed, the bags blowing in the wind & floating in the sea can be prevented through simple actions & creative ideas. It's imperative that we reduce our use, reuse what we have & recycle every bag that crosses our path. 

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We use 89B plastic bags, sacks & wraps every year in the U.S., but recycling only hovers around 9%. Here's why you can't ignore plastics recycling & some amazing items that recycled bags can become. Even changing their color could make a huge difference.
Joan Kirkpatrick, Green Building Specialist
"The increased use of plastic in the building industry has generated more plastic recycling locations in the U.S., and we look to support that by using recycled materials in our projects whenever possible."
- Joan P. Kirkpatrick
Waste Reduction Specialist
Kelly Brazil
"Plastic bags hold a lot of stuff and can do so over and over. I keep one in my pocket and take it to stores for reuse because I never remember to grab the 'reusable' one that’s in the trunk of my car."
-Robert Lilienfeld
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Besides bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store, there are other ways to step up your game. One family uses pillow cases to replace bread bags from their local bakery, and you can skip bags for fruit like canatloupe, bananas and mangos. 

Plastic bags can also hold 2,000 times their own weight and be reused over and over, so don't simply recycle them after one use! 

Follow @abagslife for ways to reduce, reuse & recycle bags and blogs like MAKE (@MAKE) for amazing crafting ideas.

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This Week's Eco Warrior Takes Bags from Blah to Tada!

In this week's top photo, Eco Warrior Claire Obias shares a picture of the beautiful plastic flower she uses for gift wrap, which she made from an old plastic bag for her crafty recycling blog, blah to TADA! Her plastic bag projects include making a festive lei, a functional padded mailing envelope and other gift embellishments

Check out her blog for other amazing recycled crafts! Thanks for your great work, Claire!

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We're talking all about how to take your recycling beyond your curbside bin! We'll be telling you how to recycle odd materials like gameboards and Legos and showing you what you never thought you could recycle like jeans, candy wrappers and crayons.

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