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Moon Wiring Club
Moon Wiring Club

Two new albums from Moon Wiring Club out today - one on Vinyl and one on CD. Vinyl made in a limited run, comes with printed inners and a download code.

Your annual dose of eldritch audness, courtesy of Moon Wiring Club for the chic fashionistas of Clinksell, Northern England - and now you lucky sods, too. These are quite possibly The Best Jacobean Acid Afterparty Albums you’ll hear in December 2015, or any December for that matter (will sound great in January, too!).

Now approaching ten years of visits to this uniquely misty anachronism - arguably the Harrogate to Royston Vasey - and we still can’t even find the local Nisa, never mind the tourist information centre. But, it’s all good in this ‘hood as we drift rave-dazed like some Jacobean Mark Leckey thru 22 tracks of supernatural fashion show themes and pre-Industrial ambience.

The CD album Playclothes From Faraway Places is ostensibly the uncomfortable bedfellow of Terry Farley’s Acid Rain compilation and ephemeral 1920s fashion design. It makes for a strangely successful marriage of ideas; sorta like visiting a vintage dress museum after a sweaty session in the club - which always seems a great notion but, rarely has any takers. 

The Vinyl album Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises? is like the soundtrack to a supremely odd first-person computer game experience, or a spectral call to dance, its 120-130bpm framework now making his sound uncannily compatible with a broad range of other styles.

Whether doffing a cap to early Photek in Cobwebby Whodunit and the shape-shifting Crafty and Familiar or doing Stakker-style acid mixed with spooky fairground organs in Apprehended Deeplier, this may well be the most unsettling and infectious MWC episode so far. 

It’s Carl Craig-meets-ITV 3 at 5am, Landcruising across time and space fuelled on mushies thru clandestine meetings in wood-panelled rooms, hatching deals about the new world and succumbing to itchy bouts of St. Vitus-style dancefloor voodoo, all connected by the mould-like threads of curious, probing melody. 

It's as trippy as last year’s temporal coach trip to Leporine Pleasure Gardens but with a more driven momentum that’s equal parts Harold Faltermeyer and acid-dabbling Radiophonics, packaged up in some typically brilliant artwork to make for another indispensible MWC missive.



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