Maine fiddle dance tunes by Hope Hoffman

New Maine Fiddle compositions from Hope Hoffman
"Goodnight" jig
composition copyright Hope Hoffman 2008

This tune works very well for dances, as a hybrid of “bouncy” jig and “smooth” jig.
“Goodnight” goes nicely in a medley as the first tune, with the “Kindness" as the second tune.

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Tune-Teaching Sessions:

"Learn New Fiddle Dance Tunes"

Each month at Free Grange Productions' Studio in Bowdoinham, Maine, string players are invited to learn a new fiddle tune written by Hope Hoffman.

Hope will teach each tune by ear during the class.

Sheet music, chords, and audio will be posted online in advance.

Requests for learning certain compositions are welcome.

Online registration is available for Bowdoinham, Maine sessions

[link to session dates & details]

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