"Infinite Winter Squash" jig, composition copyright Hope Hoffman 2005

An antidote for the masses of snow and cold weather is a nice abundant stock of winter squash.

The "Infinite Winter Squash" jig was written as therapy after running out of squash recipes.

"Infinite Winter Squash" is recorded live on Hope's CD, available online as single-track downloads & mail-order, & at Maine retailers.


For sheet music, see the image file below, or at's
page of original tunes.

Link here to sample of "Infinite Winter Squash," live recording at contra dance in Norridgewock Grange in Maine 2007 with Hope Hoffman, viola and Mark Fruehauf, guitar


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A part including repeats:

G G em em ~ C C D9 D9
G G em em ~ C D9 G G

G G G em ~ D D D D
G G em em ~ C D D G

B part including repeats:

G G bm BM ~ C C D D
G G BM BM ~ C D9 G G

G BM C D ~ D D G G
G G BM BM ~ C D9 G G

Link to MIDI audio file


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