"Snowshoe Polka"
copyright Hope Hoffman 2005

With this mass of snow that has just arrived, snowshoes are certainly in season!

The "Snowshoe Polka" was written after an adventure in a hay field in Bowdoinham, which had a lovely crust of snow on top but when the snowshoe weighed on it, I was transported down through a hollow weave of hay and onto the ground.

First the right foot, then the left foot, over and over, getting covered in snow and having lots of fun. It took a while to get across the field and back, and the rhythm of falling down so many times on alternating sides created the phrases of this tune. Try playing it and see!

There are lots of rhythmic variations possible in the B part, which are best understood from the recording rather than sheet music.

"Snowshoe Polka" is recorded as a live performance at Punkinfiddle Festival, with a jaw harp and drum, on Hope's new CD "Cows go Sailing." This album is available online as single-track downloads and mail-order, and at Maine retailers.


For sheet music, see the image file below, or at's
page of original tunes.

Link here to sample recording of "Snowshoe Polka."


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A part including repeats:

G G G G ~ G G D D

D D D D ~ C D G G

G G G G ~ D D C C

D D D D ~ D D G G

B part including repeats:

C C C C ~ D D G G

C C D D ~ D D G G

C C D D ~ G G G G

C C C C ~ D D G D

Link to MIDI audio file


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