Our Gift to You

Compliments of CSW and publisher John Kula, we invite you to download this free issue of Simulacrum as our special gift to you (which includes a FREE print-n-play game as well).


featuring the game

(yours to enjoy for free)

We will be sending you more free stuff when you donate $10, $25 or more.

When we say we will reward you and are committed to pay you back in some way by offering freebies and special savings, we are not kidding!

Your support is critical for us, so we are doing what we can to help entice and reward you in supporting ConsimWorld.


Donor Rewards

Here's a sampling of some of the publishers who will be offering exclusive, special savings to those who donate to CSW! Our goal is to reward you and help you recoup your ENTIRE donation amount!

Academy Games
Avalanche Press
Battles Magazine
Chris Harding Simulations
Collins Epic Wargames
Dan Verssen Games
Europa Simulazioni

Grognard Simulations

High Flying Dice Games
Legion Wargames
LPS Inc./Against the Odds

Microgame Design Group
Minden Games
Omega Games

Operational Studies Group
Pacific Rim Publishing
Panzerschreck Magazine

Paul Koenig Games
Red King Games
Revolution Games
Take Aim Designs
Turning Point Simulations
Udo Grebe Gamedesign

VentoNuovo Games
(and more!)

Simply by donating today, you will be eligible for special savings from our participating publishers! Donate $25 or more for even bigger publisher-direct discount levels!

We also wish to recognize and thank GMT Games for their generous contribution to CSW!



Your Silver-level donation of $10 will earn you ONE more free game. You will also be eligible for many publisher-direct specials during March (to easily recoup your $10 donation).

Your Gold-level donation of $25 or more will earn you TWO more free games, which includes the special edition CSW Donation Drive game from High Flying Dice Games. You will also be eligible for many publisher-direct specials, many offering even greater savings at the Gold contribution level.

Donations can be mailed to:
ConsimWorld LLC
c/o John Kranz
1433 Burlington Drive
Plano, TX 75025

Please make money orders/cashier's checks payable to John Kranz.

CSW Expo 2016 Registration Now Open
Join and Celebrate the Hobby with us at our annual event, June 25-July 2, 2016 in beautiful Tempe, AZ.

We're pleased to CSR Hall of Fame recipient, Dean Essig (publisher, The Gamers) will be our special guest of honor!