This week the Senate began investigating the appalling evidence of abuse and mistreatment of aslyum seekers on Nauru. Click here to see what Transfield, the centre's operator, had to say. 
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Dear Jenny

On Tuesday, a Senate inquiry started looking into the horrific conditions in the Australian-run detention centre on Nauru.

The fact that asylum seekers have been physically and sexually abused in the centre is not in doubt – afterall, the Government’s own Moss Review found evidence of horrifying abuse.
What the Senate inquiry is looking into is who knew about the abuse, when they knew about it and what they did to stop it.
Which is why Transfield Services’ evidence at the inquiry on Tuesday was so extraordinary.
Transfield holds the $1.2 billion contract to manage the centre on behalf of the Australian Government.
When three of its most senior executives fronted the inquiry – where they were compelled by law to be open and upfront – you’d think they’d have a lot to say.
Click here to see for yourself how they responded to questions from Senators

Rather than be up front about the conditions on Nauru , they took questions ‘on notice’ 144 times. 
One hundred and forty-four times they couldn’t answer questions put to them by Senators.  Even basic things like: “what is the gender breakdown of your staff?”
For a long time, the Government has tried to hide the truth about Nauru from the Australian people – the abuse against women and children, the disgusting living conditions, the sub-standard health care.  Now it appears the people they have employed to run the centre for them are also trying to keep secrets about the situation on Nauru.
What is clear is that Nauru is not a safe place to be locking children up, let alone adults.
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Kon Karapanagiotidis 
CEO, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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