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Why I Don’t Tell Others About Jesus
Excuse #1

Without question, one of the most significant obstacles to sharing our faith with others is the fear factor.  Most Christians get sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach when they think about speaking up about Jesus.  Perhaps you have thought, I must not be cut out to share my faith because I get so uptight.
If you get anxious about the thought of witnessing to others, I assure you that you are not alone.  Even as a veteran pastor, I find I can get uptight when I have the opportunity to speak to someone about Christ.  I’m not proud of that fact, but I know I’m in good company.  Leighton Ford, whose ministry has reached out to thousands of non-Christians confessed.  “I’m an evangelist, and I have been witnessing and sharing my faith since I was fourteen years old.  I have preached to crowds of 60,000 people, and yet I still get nervous when talking to an individual about Christ.”
Even the Apostle Paul who wrote much of the Bible’s New Testament made it clear that he wrestled with the fear factor.  When he wrote to the Christians in Ephesus, he had a specific request that he asked them to pray for.  “Pray for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.”
When it comes to telling others about Jesus, fear is a definite factor, but we don’t have to be incapacitated by it.  Why not start the year by praying Paul’s request for yourself and for our church family at FBC.  “Lord, help me, whenever I have opportunity to share the gospel, to be able to do so fearlessly.”  The message we have to share is too important to let a few butterflies keep us quiet.

Pastor Torrey

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