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Thinkin’ ‘bout Thankin’
If you asked me to name my favorite holiday, I’d probably tell you that it’s Thanksgiving.  You might have expected me to respond with either Christmas or Easter.  After all, Christians recognize that the two most important events in all of history were Jesus’ incarnation and His resurrection.  Nevertheless, as holidays go, I prefer Thanksgiving. 
Thanksgiving is far less commercialized than Christmas or Easter.  Of course for many, Thanksgiving is about stuffing their faces like they stuff their turkey.  And in recent years the National Football League has managed to add football to the Thanksgiving traditions of many Americans.  Nevertheless, Thanksgiving is still a holiday that gathers families together and gives us opportunity to thank God for His many blessings.
It’s fine with me if you like Christmas or Easter more than Thanksgiving.  There’s really no reason these holidays should have to compete with one another.  But I hope this Thanksgiving you have the opportunity to spend time with people you love.  I hope you are able to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  And above all, I trust that this holiday and this season give you added cause to reflect upon the many, many blessings God has given you.  Whatever your favorite holiday, any day that gives us reason to thank God is special to me.
Pastor Torrey

This Sunday at FBC...
"Coveting or Thanking, Which Will It Be?"
Exodus 20:17

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November 20th - Christmas Production Rehearsal - 10am
November 23rd - Joint Thanksgiving Service - 7:30pm
November 30th - Christmas Production Rehearsal - 7pm

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Katie Cowart - 11/18
Sean Sterino - 11/21
Robert Kang - 11/23

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