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In case you missed it, the pastor was talking about sex again in church last Sunday.  You can check out the message by clicking on the link on this Bellpost.  I hope the sermon prompted a few productive conversations among the families of our church.  It prompted a couple people to ask me a very important question.  What does Proverbs 7 have to say to women?

The chapter records the conversation a father has with his young adolescent son about sexual temptation.  As I carefully explained the father’s instruction to his son in the chapter, I neglected to discuss how the passage relates to women.  I’d like to briefly add a couple thoughts here.

First, young women, like young men need to be taught the moral facts of life.  In a fallen world, sexual innocence can leave a young person vulnerable to the ways of the immoral woman or man.  Loving parents make sure their adolescent children know the dangers of sexual temptation and how they can be vulnerable, so that they can steer clear of it.

Second, women as well as men are capable of falling into temptation.  After all, it takes two to tango.  But sexual temptation is usually different for a woman than for a man.  Sexual desire is often more physical and immediate for a man than for a woman.  A woman is more susceptible to sexual temptation with a man with whom she has already established a relationship.  She is more likely to fall to a man to whom she is attracted, if he makes her feel loved and cared for.  A man is more likely to be captivated by what a woman wears, while a woman is more prone to be drawn in by what a man says to her.

These are broad and inadequate descriptions and may not fit every man or woman.  Still, I mention them so that women, as well as men, will give some thought as to how you might be susceptible to temptation.  Moms, since I didn’t really give much instruction to adolescent daughters on Sunday, perhaps you will fill in where my sermon was deficient.  Husbands and wives, I’d encourage you to talk about sexual temptation together.  A better understanding of your partner’s needs can go a long way towards protecting him or her from sexual disaster.

Pastor Torrey

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