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Have you ever been at a place in your life when you struggled to trust God? Rebecca Manley Pippert observed, “If there is an all powerful, loving God who is accomplishing His purposes behind the scenes, then we must never look at our present circumstances and conclude that what we see is all there is to reality. No matter what life looks like presently, no matter how much it appears that evil is winning, humans don't have the last word. God has the last word, and it is the word of hope, peace, and victory to those who love Him and who are walking in His will. But God's purposes take time to work out.  So what we need while we wait for God's answer is patience and courage that comes from robust faith, and an absolute, flat-out refusal to believe that what we see is what we get."

Come join us in worship this Sunday as we look at the most challenging test of faith in Abraham’s life.  As you see how Abraham struggled to trust God, perhaps you’ll discover how you might trust Him more yourself.

Pastor Torrey

This Sunday at FBC:
Genesis 22:1-24
"Can God Be Trusted?"

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This week in Sunday School...
"It's Offensive to Claim that Jesus is the Only Way to God" - Part of the How to Share Your Faith series

Upcoming Dates at FBC:
April 16th & 17th - ACMC Missions Conference 
April 17th - Into Africa 2010 Fitness Fundraiser with Katie at 11am
April 20th - EF Conversation Club at 8 pm

This week's birthdays...
Claudia Thompson 4/15
Melanie O'Quinn 4/16
Mac McGovern 4/20

Picture of the Week - Dr. Fred Opie
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