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How to Change the World

What does it take to change the world?  Some would scoff at the very question.  You can’t change the world!  How could one person make a difference on a planet of nearly 7 billion people?  Only a fool would be so naïve as to believe that he or she can change the world.

But if only a fool would believe that he can change the world, you can call me a fool.  For if my life can’t make a difference, what is there to live for?  I believe that God has put us on this earth precisely to make an impact for Him.

But here’s what most people don’t realize.  While we can all make a difference, seldom is the impact we make perceptible.  Frankly, very few people make much of a dent in history.  But if many of us dare to live lives of distinction for God, together we will make a noticeable impact for God’s kingdom. 

That is how God designed the church to work.  Under the guidance of God’s Spirit, you do your part and I do mine.  By ourselves we’re not very impressive.  When we join together as one church family we begin to make a difference.  And when many churches begin to work together, the world begins to notice.

This summer, don’t sell yourself or your labor for God short.  Your best efforts may not be much, but they still matter.  You may only move a tiny grain of sand.  But if enough Christians move enough grains, mountains will crumble. 

Few people are called upon to do the extraordinary.  But each of us is called to follow Christ daily.  Every act of obedience is a vote to change the world.

Pastor Torrey


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