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The cartoon I saw was straightforward.  It pictured a pastor standing behind a pulpit speaking to his congregation.  He asked a simple question.  “How do we win the world to Christ with a minimum of fuss and bother?”
When I first saw that cartoon, it made me smile.  It’s silly to think about winning the world to Christ without fuss and bother.  The task of world evangelization can’t be done without blood, sweat and an abundance of tears. 
While I laughed at first, later I was convicted.  That silly cartoon explained why I was often so ineffective in sharing my faith.  I know God wants me to tell others about Jesus, but I really don’t want to be put out.  Most of us are quite familiar with Jesus’ Great Commission, to take the good news to all the world.  But like that pastor we’re willing to obey only if there is little or no cost involved.
As good as the good news is, it is not always easy to share it with others.  We need to understand that we don’t tell people about Jesus because it is easy.  We participate in winning the world for Christ, even when it is hard, because we’ve been commanded to do so.  Once we are willing to put up with a little fuss and bother, we have overcome the primary obstacle to effective evangelism.

Pastor Torrey

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"Do Not Steal or Covet"
Exodus 20: 15,17

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