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3 Common Questions

...plus answers!
Hi <<First Name>>,

Thanks again for checking out our software.  Here at the beginning, there are a few questions that come up frequently, as you start structuring your evaluation.  I thought I'd take a moment to address them here:
  1. "What are your credit-card rates?"  This is a natural question - there are no numbers posted on our website telling you what you'll pay in credit-card processing charges if you use our software. And that is for a good reason - it depends on who you choose to use to handle the credit-card processing!  We don't tell you who you have to use; you can shop around for the best rates. That said, most of our customers are happy if they go with one of our preferred partners.
  2. "Does this require Wi-Fi?" Using our software - before, during, and after your event - does require an Internet connection.  It can be wi-fi, or a wired Ethernet connection, or even a connection through a cellular hotspot.  
  3. "We're not a school, can we still use this?" Sure!  About 30% of our customers are non-profit groups that are not school-based - animal-welfare organizations, disease-fighting groups, arts-advocacy societies, and more.  The common threads are: they are all running fundraising auctions, and they all rely heavily on volunteers to do so.  If you are with such a group, and don't feel right using software named "SchoolAuction.net", we even have a separate brand name - Tofino Auctions - that we can switch your account to.  Just hit the reply button and ask me to make that change - I'll be happy to do so.
Coming tomorrow: tips on how to change the color scheme of your auction website, so it matches your group's other materials.



Roger Devine
(503) 913-4407

P.S. If you're feeling a little unsure of what to do during this trial period, check out our Trial Tips page...
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