Celebrating Women Artists at Solvang Antiques!

Join us in the celebration of our women artists

during Women's History Month

In their honor we are featuring Betty Carr,
one of our living artists, who has just been named
a Master Artist by the American Impressionist Society.
We are also highlighting our other
17 talented women artisans, 
in conjunction with the Judith Hale Gallery,
and their paintings and sculptures
now featured in the
Solvang Antiques Fine Art Gallery!

You may read a bio of each artist by clicking on their work.

Betty Carr

"Evening Bouquet"
Betty Carr

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"She Walks in Beauty"
Batik Textile by Marilyn Salomon

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Untitled Still Life Oil on Canvas
by Marilyn Simandle

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"Life on the Farm" Oil on Board
by Anne Bridge

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"Spring Flowers" Oil on Canvas
by Grace Schlesier

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"Ashley" Watercolor
by Valerie Trozelle

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"Wine Farm" Acrylic
by Betsy Jones

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"Lonely Together" Watercolor
by Kay Homan

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"Sassy" Oil on Canvas
by Nancy Davidson

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"Field of Ice" Oil on Canvas
by Nancy Phelps

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"Getting a Grip on Gray Ghost"
Oil on Board by Jean Lubin

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"September Morning"
Oil on Paper by Sheryl Knight

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"Wistful" Oil on Board
by Betty Boyle

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"Tide Pool" Oil on Canvas
on Board by Alice Nathan

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"Clarkia..." Oil on Canvas
by Lynelle Echeverria

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"Lola Montez"
Bronze 10/16 by
Angie Whitson

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"Howling Wolf"
Bronze 2/10 by
Dee Prater

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"Grace Tall Grass"
Bronze 25/45 by
Susan Kliewer

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