Newsletter - November 2011
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Living the Dream

This month, I'll be attending the largest motorcycle show in Milan, Italy EICMA. Imagine several football field sized rooms filled with motorcycles! That's exactly what I'll be doing from November 9-15.  

Read more about this trip on my blog, as I'll be cross posting from the main Cycle World Italian Adventure website, Twitter and Facebook so you can follow me as I hop around Italy. In addition to the motorcycle show, I'll be visiting Spidi and Leo Vince and sharing my experiences along the way. 

There's no way I would've been able to accept this trip if I hadn't quit my day job. It's been my dream to attend the show and it's on someone else's dime! What could be better? Watch my first introduction video here.  If you're going to be there, message me on Twitter or Facebook so we can connect. 

Messenger Bags

Bicylists and motorcyclists have many things in common, including how to carry all that crap! I'm known to carry quite a bit with me (with or without my Givi) on my back and I'm always looking for that perfect messenger bag. If you're looking for something that's moto friendly, check out my list of San Francisco based messenger/courier bag manufacturers. I've just added another one to the list, Mission Workshop.  And if you need some soft luggage recommendations for your next trip or simply wish to expand your storage options, see my updated list here

Open House, Nov. 12

Unfortunately I will not be at Scuderia West's Fall Open House as I normally would this time of year since I'll be in Milan.

But if you're in the Bay Area, swing by one of San Francisco's largest motorcycle dealers for specials on parts, accessories and gear.  Shiny motorcycles are always fun to look and test ride too.  

They have the best selection of women's gear and a wide variety of options for women. So stop by and say hello!
Dainese Adina Jacket

Fall / Winter Jackets

I can't believe it's already Fall. I just hope our Indian summer sticks around.

But if you're already facing cold weather conditions, here are a few recommendations to get shopping. 

Stay tuned, because I'll be reviewing the REV'IT Ventura Jacket and Pants (also one of my fall jacket recommendations) in December, which is a great outfit to carry you through Fall '11 and Winter '12. 

Motorcycle Shows

I'm somewhat sad to announce that I will not be touring with the Progressive Motorcycle Shows again this season.  

Although it's really disappointing that the women's center is no longer a feature of the show and I won't be seeing all my wonderful friends on the tour, I'll be excited to have the months of January and February back!

We had record breaking temperatures last January for some strange reason, so I'm hoping it happens again.

I also think it will open me up to other exciting opportunities. It always seems like when one doors closes, another is bound to open (a la Cycle World Italian Adventure!). And traveling to 8 cities in 8 weeks was rather painful last time around. I do enjoy traveling, but not on such a rigorous schedule.  

I fully enjoyed the last two seasons, especially getting to work with Sue Slate and Gin Shear, founders of the Women's Motorcyclist Foundation. They've ridden a million miles, literally, for breast cancer research.  I hope that future opportunities arise where I could possibly tour with the shows again, but I know I'll be happy to be back at home with my family and friends. 

The good news is that I;ll be speaking in San Mateo, twice on Saturday November 19 and once on Sunday November 20 on the main stage, called the Learning Curve. Once I have my schedule I"ll post it on my website so you can come see me!
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