Newsletter - October 2011

Living the Dream

After a year and a half of pining, wishing and hoping, I've quit my 9 to 5 day job as an office manager to be completely freelance.  I've been dying to become unchained from my 9 to 5 life so that I can work wherever I want, whenever I want. To achieve this, I'll be working as a freelance research recruiter to support my freewheeling motorcycle lifestyle. It's a big risk, to leave my reliable paycheck, benefits and paid vacation time. But, I just hope that by opening myself up this way will only send bigger/better opportunities my way. 

I'll also be working more closely with my friends at Scuderia West, on new ventures and hopefully spending a little more time in the apparel department. Nothing excites me more than helping you find the perfect set of gear.  

I also hope to attend more motorcycle press events such as the Yamaha Zuma launch on behalf of Asphalt & Rubber. Next weekend I'll be speaking at Horizons Unlimited and going to NYC the following weekend to get a sneak peak at the 2012 REV'IT Winter Collection!  

If you've ever wanted to do something, there's no time like the present to make it happen. I know it's been quoted over and over again in light of recent events, but I can't help it. It's so true. "There is no reason not to follow your heart. ... Stay hungry. Stay foolish." - Steve Jobs, 2005. 

Mark Your Calendars!

October 14-16, 2011:  Horizons Unlimited, California Meetup. Cambria, CA

This event is focused on adventure moto riders who want to ride in, meet fellow travelers and get advice and information about all aspects of moto-travel. 

I'll be presenting my Gear 411 seminar, and participating in a women's only panel including my friend Carla King, and other women riders with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  

Cambria is located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along beautiful Highway 1. This is one of my favorite stretches of highway to ride in my home state.  Nothing like riding close to the precipice of Highway 1 while taking in all its glory. But I don't recommend riding it at night, in the fog, in the dark. Not fun.   

Moto GP

If you're a Moto GP fan, you know that we're close to the end of the racing season.  I went to Laguna Seca for the first time in 4 years, and it was incredible.   Although I was struck with Bronchitis about half way through the weekend, I still had a great time and can't wait to go back next year. If you've never been to a Moto GP race, it's one of the most amazing motorcyle experiences of your life.  There's nothing like seeing and hearing racebikes fly past you at 100+ mph.  It truly takes talent to ride these bikes, so it was inspiring to see local female racers Elena Myers and Melissa Paris show the boys a thing or two about how to take a corner.  

I was also offered the opportunity to give a seminar in the Yamaha Marketplace stage about how to shop for your gear and it was awesome.  I hope to come back next year! 

Check out the pics I posted on my
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Last month I was invited to attend the Yamaha Zuma 50F Scooter press launch on behalf of Asphalt & Rubber.

Big thanks to Dainese and the DStore San Francisco for providing this perfect San Francisco outfit, the G.Alice Tex Jacket and Drake Air Pants. Look for my reviews on the jacket, pants and gloves soon.

I provided the Shoei Qwest helmet, AlpineStars Tyla gloves and Gaerne Rose boots. 

Review - RS Taichi GP-WRX Race Gloves

If you've wondered what the difference is between a cowhide and kangaroo palm glove, read my review of the RS Taichi WP-GRX Gloves

These gloves only come in one women's size, called "Lady", which is also known as a 6.5. Generally speaking, RS Taichi's fit is on the petite side, so if you have shorter fingers/hands like me, then you'll find these to fit quite nicely. 

I typically wear Racer High End gloves year round in San Francisco (except when it's raining) and they function well in extreme heat.  One thing I've already noticed is how 'grippy' the RS Taichi gloves are. Kangaroo hide seems to be smoother and a little less grippy. Not that I don't have good tactile feeling with the Racers, but it's just a different feel all together. I can't explain it.  I've logged about a thousand miles in them and even took them on my very first track day.  Incredible! Don't worry, they come in other colors, so if you don't like the power ranger look, there are a few other options. 

I'm just not a short glove kind of girl, even in 100 degrees I've worn my Racers and sweat right through them.  I really like the way these gloves feel in warmer weather.  I don't know what it's like to ride in humidity and I think that's where its difficult to make the trade off. Do you ride with gear? At what temperature do you decide to not go out and ride? I guess living in San Francisco is my #1 way to combat that problem, for now. :)  

Thanks to / for providing these gloves for review. 

Alpinestars Stella GP Plus Jacket

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I'm always on the lookout for the perfect outfit. Yep, with all the gear I've had in my closet, I still haven't found the perfect street/occasional track 2-piece outfit. I recently tried on a leather jacket and was profoundly impressed. Alpinestars has been continually improving on their products, and the GP Plus is a prime example of how far they've come with the women's line of gear.   Alpinestars GP Plus Jacket, first impressions.

Finding off road / dual sport boots is just as hard to find as street / on road boots. I've been on the quest to find street / track boots that are more protective than my Daytonas and track worthy, AND are offered in my size (37). It's been extremely difficult, but at least I found some off road / dual options for you if you're looking for a new pair.  Dual Sport Motorcycle Boots

Let's face it, it's hard to find anything for women when it comes to gear. Off the rack 1 piece suits are even harder to find in an actual dealership! But look closely and hopefully you'll find a suit that you can order or try on from your local dealer.  I've put together a comprehensive list of Leather Suits, off the rack that are currently available in the US.  Read all about it here: 1 PIece Leather Suits

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