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October 2016
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How Did Fall/Winter Get Here So Fast?

Apologies for the delay in getting this out! I feel behind and then I got hit with Benign Positional Vertigo a couple weeks ago. I'm finally back to my normal self. So that's definitely put a damper on my riding as well :-( Luckily I got some miles in a few weeks ago when I was feeling more steady. 

covered bridge shot
(Knecks Bridge / Bucks County, PA. For more photos, visit my Instagram feed)

Chillier temperatures are right around the corner, so here are some ideas to get you geared up for this riding season. Whether you're upgrading or purchasing gear for the first time or are simply looking to expand your collection I've put together a few of my favorites to help you get ready. I could write an essay about each of these pieces but I won't! Feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions about any of these suggestions.

Almost every option is available in other colors, so click on them to find out what colors you want to try on.  

All About the Curves

For the curviest women, these jacket and pant options will give you the most room to move, breathe and ride comfortably with the least restrictions in places you need it like your shoulders, bust and waist and hips.  Keep in mind that any of these American (Klim, Olympia, FirstGear, Cortech) brands will always have the most room in the shoulders and bust. 
Tourmaster Transitions 4 $269.99
The Transitions Jacket offers an integrated waterproof membrane and a removable full sleeve thermal liner. This one is also offered in Plus S-L, along with many of their other jackets. I would also say that Tourmaster offers the MOST generous space overall given the Plus sizing. 
Firstgear Kilimanjaro $399.99
The Kilimanjaro features a waterproof shell and D3O body armor, so you can layer this jacket any way you need to. Liners aren't included so you can wear your heated jacket liner or other insulated midlayer. 
Olympia Durham $199.99
The Durham is Olympia's first? (99% sure about this) entry level jacket featuring a waterproof membrane and removable thermal liner. A great way to get started and protected.
Tourmaster Motive $179.99
The Motive offers even a little more room up top with a nice 3/4 length if you need a longer sleeve and are looking for an even more generous fit. The thermal liner is removable and also provides another option at the entry level price point.

Cortech LNX Leather $259.99
The LNX is a nice in between for casual / sport / sport touring riders. It has a neutral look and finish. It's been awhile since I've seen this one in person but from what I remember it had a really nice feel and had a great curvy fit to it. 

Alpinestars Devon $489.95
Although the Devon isn't as roomy as the LNX would be, it's probably the most generous sporty leather jacket I've been able to fit women in. The stretch panels along the sleeves make it more comfortable and forgiving if you need more space there. The arms are slim but the bust/waist is roomier. Also available in a perforated version, and comes with a full sleeve thermal liner!
Klim Altitude $599. 

I do like the flared hips as it should fit well over women who need a lot of space from the waist to the booty. Especially if you have a smaller waist in relation to your hips (e.g. 32" waist, 40" hip) or what I call the "hip-to-waist differential"

If you find the length too long, simply open the 2 way zipper along the front and allow it to sit open on your lap. 

You can also find the jacket in a blue / fluo yellow color option if you're looking for a little more visibility.

Keep in mind that these pants have a straight to flared leg, as they are designed for the Adventure Touring Lifestyle so for those of you looking for a sportier option to ride in (tapered legs), then check out the options below from Dainese or Rev'it.

The rise is also lower in front and higher in back. I've found these to fit a wide variety of women from fairly slim to super curvy (14-16). 
Olympia Expedition $429.99
This is a great multiseason jacket with a fully removable thermal liner, as well as a fully featured rain jacket. It also gives you almost as much coverage in the front and back but it has high cutouts over the hips which is great for those of you who need even more room to fit over those beautiful curves.
Olympia Ranger $399.95
The Ranger is one of the warmest jackets you'll find for the chilliest riding temperatures. I like the longer waist and sleeves and rock solid outer shell. Super toasty and perfect to pair with a heated jacket liner (if you want even more warmth than the removable thermal liner offers).
Olympia Expedition Pants $349.99
These have such a versatile fit. Really forgiving in the hips due to the accordion stretch and then a generous space through the thighs down to a perfect taper at the knee. I've fit a variety of super to moderately curvy women in the Expeditions and they really are fantastic. Real sizing up to a true 18. 
Olympia Sentry Pants  $169.99
If these fit anything like the Expeditions, then you're going to find a really great overpant at a fantastic pricepoint. It's the first time Olympia has offered a lower level pant for entry level shoppers.

Olympia Promax 2 $249.99
These are the warmest riding pants I've ever worn. They're fully waterproof with a removable thermal liner. This photo is me wearing the previous version which are almost identical to the current version in terms of fitment and features. And as always, a full overpant with a side zipper that runs from the hip all the way to the ankles.

Super toasty. No venting, so definitely not a multiseason pant, strictly for Fall/Winter riding! 

A Little Less Room, Please

On the other end of the scale, these are your slimmest options for those of you who prefer a slimmer fit at the smallest sizes. Other fit features include longer sleeves, torso lengths, smaller bust spaces and narrow shoulders. 

I do have to say that with Revit you do get a fairly generous fit if you need some room in the bust. What's difficult is if your proportions are more extreme (e.g. 5'2", 42" bust). But I've had very good luck with putting these on women who are ~size 10-12, curvy. Revit has really increased their fit profiles over the past decade and I can fit far more women in Revit than I could 10 years ago when I started selling their gear. 
This Rukka Flexina Jacket $599 is a bit in the middle as it runs one size large. I can wear a 36 but it's very roomy in the bust for me and I need to have the bicep and forearm adjustments snapped tightly all the time, with and without the liner. The shoulders are fairly broad compared to Alpinestars/Dainese so for me, I'd definitely want a size down. The bust space is also pretty good, I'd say comparable to Rev'it but with roomier shoulders.

As with all European brands, the sleeves do run a bit longer and the torso does as well. 

The waist is still fairly slim overall, (think an Inverted Triangle body shape) but not excessive. I really like the way this fits and the matching pants are slim but also run a size large. 
Revit Monroe Jacket $299.95
This photo doesn't do the Olive color justice! The Monroe has 2 direct vents under the armpits which vent through the waterproof membrane. 
Neptune GTX $569.95
The Neptune features a removable Gore-Tex membrane and a removable full sleeve thermal liner so you can wear it between a few different seasons much like the Sand. Between this and the Sand the arms/shoulders/waist is a bit looser.
Rev'it Sand Womens Jacket
A Size 34 is one of the smallest winter jackets I've had success with, in part given the ability to cinch the biceps, waist and forearms even more. And the Sand in particular is one of their slimmest fitting jackets, especially in that size. I've also had really great luck with this in a 44 for gals who are on the curvy side. The trick is the shoulders. Europeans (Revit, Dainese, Alpinestars) will always have slightly less space in the shoulders overall. 
Dainese Arya D-Dry Jacket

The Arya features a waterproof outer shell with a removable, full sleeve thermal liner. Dainese' proprietary Mugello material gives this a stretchiness to it as well. I was able to fit a 40 perfectly. 
Revit Sand $329.95
The matching Sand pants to the Sand jacket are definitely a great match. The calf adjustments also give you the ability to adjust things even slimmer.  Don't worry, it comes in black. 
Dainese Tempest DDry $279.95
Dainese pants are ultra slim and have a very skinny leg v. the bootcut fitments you'll see in other brands. A great option for sport touring or if you just need a really slim pant. 
Revit Enterprise 2 $199.95
Don't worry these come in black too. They're a fully waterproof pant without any liners so you'll need to wear some heavy thermals to stay really warm but they'll give you a good windblock and comfy ride. 
Olympia Expedition Pants $349.99
I'm going to relist the Expeditions here because at a size 4-6, they have a really great tapered fit. The accordian stretch around the hips really make this pant fit a lot of women. I think these are some of the best fitting women's pants on the market right now. Great job Olympia! (Don't worry, you can get black in these too)

Revit Bellecour $479.99
The Bellecour is a heavyweight leather jacket without any liners. It definitely has a long and lean profile in the arms/waist and is perfect for those of you who want a classic look for your classic bike with far more protection than the mall weight leathers you've been wearing. Also available in Brown!

Dainese Avro D1 $679.99
The Avro is a truly race fit, track level jacket for women. The removable thermal liner gives you a solid Fall weight jacket, which you might be able to push into winter depending on what your tolerance might be. The accordian stretch panels along the shoulders give the Avro even more comfort especially on a supersport riding position. 
Alpinestars Devon $489.95
The Devon comes in perforated and non perforated versions. Both include full sleeve, thermal liners so you can easily wear it year round (with the exception of extreme winter climates) if you get the Airflow version.The fit is fantastic, and I'd have to say that although it's a slimmer arm/bicep, it has a fairly roomy middle/bust space. The fit is sporty but not race, it's SO comfortable for a leather jacket. I've had many women remark how comfortable it is, even in a standard riding position (Bonneville, Sportster). I think Alpinestars really nailed it with this particular jacket. 
Spidi Venture H2Out $499.90
The Venture has 2 removable full sleeve liners, one thermal and one waterproof. This jacket is definitely on the slimmer side overall much like Dainese, and runs longer in the waist and sleeves. Spidi quality is fantastic, I'm a huge fan and wish mine were smaller so I could wear it but I've lost ~15 lbs since I first got one years ago so I can't wear it anymore.
Gloves are one of the hardest things to fit, even when you have a bunch to try on in person. I find it to be one of the most challenging things to fit right. 

I'm going to throw out a couple of my favorites but keep in mind it may still take you ordering a couple of options before you find the best fit. 

To my left are the Rukka Apollos. Not a great winter glove, but a fantastic all around glove. Read my review of the Apollos here. 
Overall, I find Rukka gloves to be a great option for women because the fits are pretty narrow overall (wrists especially)
Revit Pegasus. I love these because for $130 you get a great winter glove that has solid protection in the form of soft, CE rated knuckle armor and a palm slider (why you need this). If you're on a tighter budget, check out the Galaxy ($99 same glove, no palm slider). Remember that Revit runs slightly longer in the fingers.
Held Rain Cloud GTX $220. If you have larger hands and typically women's Large or men's Small/Medium gloves, then try a 7 or 8 in these. And for those of you with heated grips, these are thinner on the palms and insulated more on top. 
The Dainese Scout-Evo GTX ($179) gloves are fully waterproof (Gore-Tex) and insulated with Primaloft making these the warmest women's gloves out in my list. Nice Big gauntlet, no palm slider :(  
Revit Hydra H2O $99 . The Hydras are a great option for city riding, especially scooting around town. The level of warmth it provides is just not enough for highway riding, in my opinion. The palms are also a bit straighter and not as precurved as the heavier winter options. 
The Daytona Lady Pilot GTX ($329)  boots are very similar to the Ladystars in terms of overall increased height. But these are a little more streamlined, less bulky around the calf and just simpler in terms of design overall. I'd say the sizing is the same as a Ladystar (wider in the toebox) and similar calf height. 

They still offer the adjustability around the calf as the Ladystar, and now for less money. For those of you looking for options to help you ride more confidently, don't forget to read my tips for riding tall bikes because it's not just about flat footing your motorcycle anymore.
Alpinestars SMX-6 WP $299. How about a waterproof boot that offers a fantastic level of protection? Not only are they waterproof, but they also offer lateral support just for your ankles not just impact protection which traditional touring boots offer (like the Gavia, Pilots)
Sidi Gavia GTX $250. Brand new boots from Sidi, Gore-Tex lined, with the comfort and fit we expect from Sidi. I love Sidi, I wear mine year round except in the late Fall/Winter. They're a great option to add height increasing insoles (for us shorties) into because they have so much space around the ankles/heels.
Dainese Torque Out $389. Awhile ago I posted about these and the issues I had with fitment due to my enormously high instep on my left foot. But I have to recommend these anyway because they're the MOST protective women's boot on the market. Lots of ankle protection, lateral support on both sides and sliders to ensure maximum coverage. Your feet are just as important as the rest of your body, and without them it's virtually impossible to ride your motorcycle!

Keep in mind that they run very narrow, especially in the instep. Read my blog post about them for more details.
Sidi X-3 Lei Offroad Race $375 Holy crap! The first pair of REAL offroad race level boots for women. They are identical in features and protection to the men's version. This is huge! True race level women's boots don't really exist. By race level, I mean Substantial Ankle Support. 

But I know what you might be thinking. Pink. Baby Blue. WTF. Ok, maybe that's what I was thinking. I can only say that Europeans have very different ideas about what many women here want to wear. It's frustrating, and I hope that they will come out with a BLACK or GREY option at some point. These are a full, race level offroad boot. Definitely a little much for those of you looking for Dual Sport/Adventure style boots instead. I really wish they would've just come out with Sidi Adventure Women's instead. 
If you've ever lusted after an Arai, now's the time. Older models are now on sale everywhere online because brand new models have been released. Every 5 years or so Arais will be priced anywhere from 30%-40% below MSRP.

Did you know that the majority of women are size XS, S, M and VERY rarely L or XL? I can recall *maybe* 5 times in the last 9 years that I sized someone in a Large helmet. It's so rare. Keep in mind that your helmet size will purely be based on your head shape. So make sure that you
measure properly, AND identify your shape because you'll end up sizing yourself far above your true size because you've chosen the wrong shape. 
That's all for now. I'm always here for personalized recommendations, especially if you have fit concerns or issues that you're finding difficult to resolve on your own. 

There are so many options online and it can be mind numbing to go through all of them, determine what you want and THEN determine what's going to fit you. 

Send me an email or ping me on social media and I'll do my best to help!

Don't forget to tune into my biweekly podcast, Moterrific where we chat often about gear and motorcycles. 

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