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Issue №20  Monday; May 22, 2017

Mobile First, Desktop Worst

"Mobile First should not be taken as an opportunity to over-simplify and, by the same token, Desktop First should not be taken as an opportunity to pile on complexity." ▪ Link
 Articles, Tutorials 
How apps listen to your phone’s microphone for marketing purposes
"Apps have increasingly incorporated ultrasonic tones to track consumers. They ask permission to access your smartphone microphone, then listen for inaudible 'beacons' that emanate from retail stores, advertisements, and even websites." ▪ Link
The ingredients of a successful data table user interface design
"Good data tables allow users to scan, analyze, compare, filter, sort, and manipulate information to derive insights and commit actions." ▪ Link
Re-thinking in-page anchor links
Single page applications or sites use in-page jump links. Are we using them correctly for the best user experience? ▪ Link
How to automate all the things with Gulp
"Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to write code without it." ▪ Link
Tackling Render Blocking CSS for a Fast Rendering Website
What could be wrong with the way browsers load CSS and how to fix it. ▪ Link
Meetup app: A Usability Case Study
"Performing a usability test with 5 people will help you uncover 93% of what is possible to discover." ▪ Link
tinydate is a small reusable date formatter 
Smoother CSS Gradients
One of my favorite new CSS techniques: a clever workaround for a personal pain point about web browsers when they render gradients.
 Honorable Mentions 
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CSS Dev Conf 2017 sessions revealed!

From animation to webpack dragons, the sessions for CSS Dev Conf 2017 have the topics you need to level up. Check out the speakers and their sessions and register now!
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