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Issue №28  Monday; August 14, 2017

Stop designing for yourself

"Knowing what jobs your customers have to get done is key to any company’s success." ▪ Link
 Articles, Tutorials 
Fixing fieldsets
"Sadly, people have been avoiding the fieldset element." ▪ Link
How to defend your website with ZIP bombs
"If you have ever hosted a website or even administrated a server you'll be very well aware of bad people trying bad things with your stuff." ▪ Link
Don’t Use Split Buttons for Navigation Menus
"Mega menus usually present a set of subcategories for a main navigation option, while the category landing pages contain a list of those subcategories plus additional content to better define the category for the user." ▪ Link
How I landed a job in UX Design with no degree or work experience
"I wouldn’t have made this career change without the support of others. Remember to be vulnerable, actively seek help ,and stay persistent. The door will open." ▪ Link
How to make your portfolio stand out
"With so many amazing design jobs out there, and so many well-qualified designers, how can you make your design portfolio stand out?" ▪ Link
UI animation with Principle and Sketch
"In this tutorial, you will learn effective UI animation techniques using Principle for Mac." ▪ Link
Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design ▪ Link
Dave Rupert has created a simple tool for making converting SVGs to data URI's for easy embedding into CSS backgrounds (compared to Base64 encoding). ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
From our sponsor

CSS Dev Conf 2017 — New Orleans, Oct. 9-11​​

The first conference devoted to CSS for Web Designers and Developers returns to New Orleans with Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, Snook, Harry Roberts, Mina Markham, Estelle Weyl, Sarah Drasner, and many more! ▪ Read more
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