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Issue №11  March 20, 2017

Unlock honest feedback with this one word

"The word 'feedback' carries a lot of baggage. To some, they automatically associate it with a 'critique' or something negative. It can seem scary and formal." ▪ Read more
From our sponsor

Speak at CSS Dev Conf in New Orleans

The call for sessions for CSS Dev Conf 2017 New Orleans is up and running. Submit your solo session idea before March 27, 2017, for a chance to be part of the program! We welcome compelling session ideas about CSS and any of its Front End Friends like JavaScript, SVG, and more!

 Articles, Tutorials 
The best sublime text plugins for front end developers
A few of the usual suspects are listed, but also some news ones I didn't know about before. ▪ Read more
How to become a better developer by coding less
Create a system to become a better coder and grow out of Imposter Syndrome. ▪ Read more
What's in the new features in SVG 2
Doug Schepers walks through some of the key changes in SVG. ▪ Read more
Are we breaking the Internet?
"A giant outage of Amazon Web Services and other recent accidents offer an opportunity to reflect on the perilous architecture of the web." ▪ Read more
6 lessons you learn in the first 6 months designing for IBM
"IBM is built on the concept of 'restless reinvention' — always trying something new, even when not easy, in order to gain a competitive angle and help define the next generation of technology.". ▪ Read more
CSS Grid guide
"Learning Grid will take some time, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to spend more time on designing layouts instead of wrangling code to produce the layout you want." ▪ Read more
15 Must-have Chrome extensions
Some interesting extensions including UX Check, Code Cola, and PerfectPixel. ▪ Read more
Grid + Flexbox
Walking through a couple of demos of Grid and Flexbox's power. ▪ Read more
Linting HTML using CSS
"Use some slightly advanced CSS selectors to highlight potential problem areas". ▪ Read more
 Honorable Mentions 
 Be Excellent to Each Other 
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