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Issue №12 March 27, 2017

Designing design system for complex products

Information about the process of building a design system for complex products and listing of some helpful resources. ▪ Read more
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 Articles, Tutorials 
React’s JSX vs Vue’s templates: a showdown on the front end
"There’s one major difference between these two libraries: how they empower you the developer to create your view components, and in turn, your application." ▪ Read more
Guetzli, Google’s new JPEG encoder
The new JPEG encoder shows promise, but it's slow. However, if there's anything IT industry has shown us: give it some time, and they'll exponentially make things faster. ▪ Read more
10 code snippets for creating responsive navigation menus
"A collection of the most unique, yet highly usable, menu code snippets that offer a quick solution to the many responsive navigation issues" ▪ Read more
Using CSS Transitions on Auto Dimensions
"We've all been there. You've got an element you want to be able to collapse and expand smoothly using CSS transitions, but its expanded size needs to be content-dependent." ▪ Read more
The most misunderstood part of a design system
"One of the core parts of a design system is its voice and tone. To create solutions for a product, your team needs to know how you’re going to communicate those solutions." ▪ Read more
SVG icons for popular brands
SVG icons for popular brands ▪ Read more
Critical Path CSS Generator
"By reducing the amount of CSS the browser has to go through, and by inlining it on the page—removing the HTTP request—, we can get the page to render much, much faster." ▪ Read more
 Honorable Mentions 
 Be Excellent to Each Other 
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