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Issue №17  Monday; May 1, 2017

Journey to highly effective and maintainable CSS Media Queries

A sane summary of lessons learned and shared on writing manageable media queries. ▪ Link
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 Articles, Tutorials 
A Vue.js introduction for people who know just enough jQuery to get by
Introducing VueJS in easy to digest manner. ▪ Link
Replace Bootstrap layouts with CSS Grid
Retrofitting your CSS layouts for the future. ▪ Link
6 best practices for 404 pages with killer UX
Design error pages that boost usability, improve user experience and even raise a smile with these 6 top tips. ▪ Link
Block formatting contexts and lists
A look at the new flow-root value for the display property for solving another common problem besides clearing floats.  ▪ Link
The invisible parts of CSS
"You may not have realized it, but the visual results of CSS are often an indirect consequence of manipulating hidden properties." ▪ Link
Individualizing CSS Properties with CSS Variables
"Each day I explore CSS Variables, however, I’m finding they can help us with any property that accepts multiple values at the same time." ▪ Link


Syncope is a WYSIWYG tool for choosing optimal vertical rhythm of web typography. ▪ Link


RAGrid is an intrinsic first Flexbox grid. ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
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