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Issue №15  Saturday; April 24, 2017

Think you know the top web browsers?

Our traditional idea of the top five browsers may be over-simplified, outdated and skewed. ▪ Link
From our sponsor

Online Accessibility Conference

On May 18th, there is a gathering of some of the most well-known Accessibility experts in the world! The AccessU Summit is co-curated by Accessibility non-profit Knowbility, and always includes sessions to help you make your web presence truly universal. ▪ Read more
 Articles, Tutorials 

How to use space in UI design

It’s important that when you’re putting together a design layout that you let the elements breathe. ▪ Link

Typographic Doubletakes

Examples to create typographic connections, to help keep your design engaging and inventive ▪ Link

Chrome and Firefox phishing attack uses domains identical to known safe sites

This issue discussed has been resolved with a browser update, Chrome v. 58.0.3029.81, but I feel it's important to know about the exploit and how it works. ▪ Link

The single tip that made me a better programmer

SPOILER ALERT: Gain a deeper understanding of the system. ▪ Link

Managing icons on the Dropbox Paper team

“Hey, do you have the source file for that ‘add members’ icon?” ▪ Link
On hiding content: aria-hidden vs hidden
In addition to it being a visual thing, hidden content is also a semantic thing. It describes not just what something looks like, it describes the thing’s meaning within the page structure. ▪ Link
How to get the best design feedback from your team
A person giving feedback is dealing with a lot of pressure, and the way they provide feedback can change dynamically. What is their experience? How much sleep did they have last night? What did they eat for breakfast? Did they eat breakfast at all? ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
 Be Excellent to Each Other 
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