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Issue №15  Monday; April 17, 2017

7 design mistakes that can ruin your content

"Some design mistakes can ruin your content, cause users to abandon your site, or lose trust in the information you provide." ▪ Link
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Virtual, live Accessibility Conference on May 18

On May 18th, there is a gathering of some of the most well-known Accessibility experts in the world! The AccessU Summit is co-curated by Accessibility non-profit Knowbility, and always includes sessions to help you make your web presence truly universal. ▪ Read more
 Articles, Tutorials 
CSS is not broken
"Just because you expect CSS to be easy, doesn’t mean the language is broken when you find it is not." ▪ Link
Finding array elements with array#indexOf
A nice review of the basic functionality of Array's indexOf. ▪ Link
77% of sites use at least one vulnerable JavaScript library
"We ran our own test using the top 5,000 URLs from Alexa and discovered that a whopping 76.6% of them include at least one vulnerable library." ▪ Link
Photoshop Etiquette 
A guide for good web design starts with knowing how to use your tools effectively. ▪ Link
Ethics and Paying Rent
"Where does this idea that you have to be open to tossing your ethics out the window to be successful come from? That’s worth exploring a bit." ▪ Link
How to convince your company to do a redesign?
"How do you convince leaders from multiple teams to commit to a giant project that isn’t on anyone’s roadmap?" ▪ Link
CSS Grid Garden
A game for learning CSS grid layout ▪ Link
CSS Icons
Icon set made with pure css code, no dependencies, "grab and go" icons ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
 Be Excellent to Each Other 
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