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Issue №24  Monday; June 19, 2017

How to use Google's Chrome DevTools to run an accessibility audit

Download the latest Chrome Canary to start running an accessibility audit of your site. ▪ Link
 Articles, Tutorials 
4 things I know about Pattern Libraries
"It’s been four years since I wrote about Responsive Deliverables. Since then I’ve been working steadily with companies to build out their own 'tiny bootstraps.' I’ve been reflecting on this work and I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned." ▪ Link
Why reach navigation should replace the navbar in iOS design
"As devices change, our visual language changes with them. It’s time to move away from the navbar in favor of navigation within thumb-reach." ▪ Link
An intro to web components
A good run through of what web components are and why they are important for modern web development. Also, there are illustrations of talking otters. ▪ Link
CSS text-decoration-skip property
Use CSS text-decoration-skip property to stop native link underlines from ruining legibility. ▪ Link
Apple makes major podcast updates
"Apple Podcasts app—which is almost certainly the most popular method of listening to podcasts in the world—is getting an overhaul in iOS 11, including a new interface as well as some changes to how podcasts can be structured."  ▪ Link
CSS animation performance
Check CSS animation performance with the browser’s dev tools. ▪ Link
barba.js is a small library that creates fluid and smooth transitions between your website's pages. ▪ Link
Timeline.js easily creates timeline slider ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
From our sponsor

CSS Dev Conf 2017 — New Orleans, Oct. 9-11

The first conference devoted to CSS for Web Designers and Developers returns to New Orleans with Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, Snook, Harry Roberts, Mina Markham, Estelle Weyl, Sarah Drasner, and many more! ▪ Read more
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