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Issue №18  Monday; May 8, 2017

Why ‘mobile first’ may already be outdated

"If mobile is our future, why are almost all the most successful mobile driven businesses building web apps designed for larger screens?" ▪ Link
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AccessU Summit 2017

AccessU Summit is a virtual conference on digital accessibility techniques and policies taking place this May 18th. ▪ Read more
 Articles, Tutorials 
How Yahoo killed flickr and lost the Internet
"This is the story of Flickr. And how Yahoo bought it and murdered it and screwed itself out of relevance along the way." ▪ Link
Container Grids
"The idea behind container queries is that you specify that under certain conditions—most commonly, the width of a particular container—apply different CSS." ▪ Link
The different logical ways to group CSS properties
If you missed the #hotdrama about ordering your CSS declarations that seem to come up every couple of years, then feel relieved. Coyier summarizes the issue in a nice write-up. ▪ Link
The power of calc() and viewport units
Very cool. Combining the power of calc() and viewport units like vw and vh, we can get fluidity in our layouts ▪ Link
Me and SVG
"For the past three-and-a-half years of my life, I have devoted a large portion of my time and creativity to the creature known as SVG. Whether that was a good choice or not, I do not know. But here I am."  ▪ Link
The :focus-within pseudo class
"The :focus-within pseudo class becomes active when an element itself has focus or if any of its descendants does." ▪ Link
Using npm as a build tool
Moving from grunt to NPM for building automated build tools. ▪ Link
Netlify CMS
Netlify CMS is a Content Management System for static sites with a Git workflow ▪ Link
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