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Issue №25  Monday; June 26, 2017

Worst volume control interface in the world

"A group of bored developers and designers has decided to start a thread on reddit to figure out who can came up with the worst volume control interface in the world." ▪ Link
 Articles, Tutorials 
Creating depth in UI designs without dropshadows
"Atmospheric perspective is the phenomena where the atmosphere between the viewer and an object shifts the value and hue of the object. The further away the object is, the more atmosphere and the stronger the effect." ▪ Link
Is web development dead?
Brad Frost responds to a student asking if web development is still worth pursuing as a career. ▪ Link
Master these five concepts, then master React.
"The good news is that you can boil everything you need to know about React down to five key concepts." ▪ Link
Trendy CSS Text Shadows
A collection of mostly flat color drop shadows. ▪ Link
Cropping images in CSS with object-fit
Size images without having to put them in the background with the CSS property object-fitLink

Chrome Extension Dev-Hacks

A collection of tips when developing Chrome Extensions ▪ Link
Get Image Colors
Online tool that generates CSS colors from an image into Sass, native CSS variables, and more. ▪ Link
Feather icons
Feather, open source icons ▪ Link
Real-world colors
Real-world words as HTML hexadecimal colors ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
From our sponsor

CSS Dev Conf 2017 — New Orleans, Oct. 9-11

The first conference devoted to CSS for Web Designers and Developers returns to New Orleans with Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, Snook, Harry Roberts, Mina Markham, Estelle Weyl, Sarah Drasner, and many more! ▪ Read more
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