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Issue №14  Monday; April 10, 2017

The elements of UX & UI visualized

A free poster that visually categorizies UX and UI tools and approaches. ▪ Link
From our sponsor

Virtual, live Accessibility Conference

On May 18th, there is a gathering of some of the most well-known Accessibility experts in the world!  The AccessU Summit is co-curated by Accessibility non-profit Knowbility, and always includes sessions to help you make your web presence truly universal. ▪ Read more
 Articles, Tutorials 
Thoughts on Negative Margins
Dave Rupert gives his thoughts on negative margins in CSS used in some recently discussed CSS techniques. ▪ Link

A sticky situation.

Designing for the web means things aren't perfect. And not being perfect is okay. ▪ Link

Best design advice no one ever gave me
"If all goes well, the stakeholders will see the flaws in all the designs leading up the the final design" ▪ Link
No share buttons on mobile sites (except this one weird case)
"For small screens, always show share buttons for visits originating from a social network." ▪ Link
Style guide audience
"As we move forward with our design system initiatives, let’s look for opportunities to make our style guides important resources for as many people as possible." ▪ Link
How to design a large-scale responsive site
"Before undertaking a redesign of a site it’s important to understand the overarching goals, the scope of work, and constraints such as time and budget." ▪ Link
Flexitive is a tool that allows you to build responsive animated ads easily ▪ Link
bideo.js is a JS library that makes it easy to add fullscreen background videos ▪ Link

A11Y Style Guide

A guide to help build an accessible component-driven approach ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
 Be Excellent to Each Other 
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