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Issue №10  March 13, 2017

You might not need a CSS framework

Highlighting some of the drawbacks of frameworks and ways to work around the need for having a CSS framework. ▪ Read more
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CSS Dev Conf's CSS for Sessions Now Open!

The call for sessions for CSS Dev Conf 2017 New Orleans is up and running. Submit your solo session idea before March 27, 2017, for a chance to be part of the program! We welcome compelling session ideas about CSS and any of its Front End Friends like JavaScript, SVG, and more! ▪ Read more

 Articles, Tutorials outage postmortem
GitLab wrote a post wrapping up what caused their 18 hour site outage, how they planned to move forward, and why the whole incident started. ▪ Read more
Responsive CSS patterns without media queries
A few nifty CSS tricks for some laying out responsive pages without the need to use media queries. ▪ Read more
How to not utterly ruin your mobile app’s user interface
A review of mistakes to avoid when building a mobile UI ▪ Read more
The unexpected power of viewport units in CSS
Viewport percentage units, or “viewport units” for short, offer an alternative “fluid” value to use when percentage-based units prove inadequate. ▪ Read more
The 2017 state of responsive images
Jason Grigsby reviews the current state of RWD images ▪ Read more
User Sortable Lists with Flexbox and jQuery
A how-to on building a simple jQuery plugin which sorts elements based on the values of their custom data attributes ▪ Read more
MaintainableCSS is an approach to writing modular, scalable and, of course, maintainable CSS. ▪ Read more
SCSS Only Slider
How to create a SCSS only responsive slider. ▪ Read more


Wind Map
With a blizzard hitting the northeastern United States and canceling flights, thought it might be a good idea to see how the wind is affecting the country with this visual tracker. ▪ Read more
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