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Issue №22  Monday; June 5, 2017

Floating labels are problematic

"We are often seduced by novel patterns that save space but this pattern is problematic." ▪ Link
 Articles, Tutorials 
Side navigation is everywhere, but does it work?
Instead of sticking menus, a look at the breakout of side menus and its practicality. ▪ Link
A very good time to understand CSS layout
Rachel Andrew gives practical advice on learning over simply using CSS when it comes laying sites/applications/modules. ▪ Link
7 Sass techniques to help you write better code
A good run through of Sass coding techniques. ▪ Link
How to balance multiple projects without losing your sanity
Recommendations on how to keep your work week from being overwhelming. ▪ Link
A Unified Styling Language
A look into how CSS-in-JS debate is raging and if one still needs to know CSS. Spoiler: You do. ▪ Link
CSS Grid heading-and-subheading pairing patterns
Eric Meyer looks at how to use CSS Grid with double-heading design patterns ▪ Link
Character Reference
A reference for HTML Symbols, Entities and ASCII Character Codes ▪ Link
Create, share, and apply color palettes to your UI. ▪ Link
 Honorable Mentions 
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CSS Dev Conf 2017 ⚜ New Orleans​

From animation to webpack dragons, CSS Dev Conf is where to level up your front-end design and development! Join Mina Markham, Harry Roberts, Sarah Drasner, Chris Coyier, and many more in the French Quarter of New Orleans this October 9-11th. ▪ Register now

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