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Issue №26  Monday; July 3, 2017

Why most designers fail Google’s infamous interview design challenge

"Being a designer means fighting the presumptive reflex, which takes disciplined reasoning and self-awareness in order to truly understand the context of a problem." ▪ Link
 Articles, Tutorials 

How Stripe uses CSS grid and CSS 3D for a front-end experience

A very thorough walkthrough of how to use JavaScript-powered web animation along with CSS Grids and 3D.  ▪ Link

A guide to becoming a full-stack developer in 2017

"Being a Full-Stack Developer doesn’t mean that you have necessarily mastered everything required to work with the front-end or back-end, but it means that you are able to work on both sides and understand what is going on when building an application." ▪ Link

7 things I wished designers did more of when working with developers

Common sense observations are easier to recognize as common sense than to put them into practice. Reminders like this article are good to help everyone out on a project. ▪ Link

Handling spacing in a UI component library

One of the ways you can tell a site or app is well-executed is the tricky vertical spacing issues from CSS. Plus I believe that non-designers can understand, even subconsciously, if the spacing is off and that reduces trust in your online product. So, it's interesting to read how devs are tackling the approach with CSS-in-JS. ▪ Link

A collection of awesome design systems

A nice collection of URLs to design systems organized by Components, Voice & Tone, Designers Kit, and Storybook ▪ Link
Chromatism is a simple set of utility functions for colors. ▪ Link


birdview.js gives an aerial view of the whole web page. ▪ Link


ayu is my current IDE theme. It's a modern, citrus theme available for Sublime Text and VSCode. ▪ Link

 Honorable Mentions 
From our sponsor

CSS Dev Conf 2017 — New Orleans, Oct. 9-11

The first conference devoted to CSS for Web Designers and Developers returns to New Orleans with Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, Snook, Harry Roberts, Mina Markham, Estelle Weyl, Sarah Drasner, and many more! ▪ Read more
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Christopher Schmitt
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