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February 26, 2014

Popular Stories
Why You Should Not Ignore The Science Of Marketing
You do not need a secret laboratory or an assistant named Igor to incorporate science in your marketing efforts. When marketers unlock the innermost secrets of how and why people buy goods and services, magic things happen. Read this post to learn how you can apply scientific wisdom to improve marketing for your business.

Great negotiators are very effective when they speak. But the smartest negotiators know that body, language and non-verbal cues are equally important. Learn the tricks you should use in your next negotiation.

Do you wish you can get more from your existing team? Instead of asking them to work more hours, consider a smarter approach. Here are five things that can help your employees to do a better job for you in 2014.

Logo Buyers Guide
We asked our 151,000 designers to share their top ten suggestions to help buyers get a great professional logo design. Here's their advice.
In Other News
Word Science: How To Influence Others To Share More Of Your Content

The magic words you should use to get others to share more of your content.

Small business Congress-watch: Three Pending Bills and Why They Matter

We look at 3 proposed laws and how those laws can help your business.

Small Business and Startups: Managing the I, You, We

Leaders and managers must find a balance in how they communicate with their teams.

Advertising On Facebook For Likes Is A Waste Of Money

If you're spending money buying likes on Facebook, you might as well burn the money to keep warm.

Tip Of The Week
Want to give a special thank-you to the best participants in your project? You can leave tips to thank participants for their hard work in your project.

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More Great Insight
Hiring Women Technologists
Awesome tips to help you hire and keep good women technologists.
Crowdsourcing Design
How to use crowdsourcing for your next design project.
Habits, Sleep and Motivation
Why people need plenty of sleep to improve their motivation and good habits.

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