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December 06, 2016
Investment into a sustainable future: geothermal project in Canada becomes reality
Two scientific geothermal wells being plugged and abandoned in Hawaii
Indonesia hopeful for 255 MW of additional geothermal capacity in 2017
KenGen sets ambitious 5-year 580 MW geothermal development target
Small-scale geothermal ORC plants to fuel outback communities in Queensland, Australia
Geothermal Resources Council announces the top presentations of its 2016 Annual Meeting
Canadian oil firm to buy into firm specialised in oil well-to-geothermal conversion
Drilling continuing at Sorik Marapi geothermal project, Indonesia
Drilling results very promising for well 3 of the Montserrat geothermal project
Icelandic geothermal power company HS Orka gets out of unfavourable PPA
Video: Introduction on Ormat with Nir Wolf, Executive Vice President
Oil-giant Shell exploring acquisitions in the renewable energy sector
With funding from Japan, KenGen will start 140 MW geothermal development at Olkaria V
How geothermal technology helps meeting high lithium demand
Comoros Islands hopeful for up to 30 MW geothermal potential
NZ firm working on first commercial geothermal silica extraction plant
Pertamina to drill two additional production wells at Kamojang in 2017
Ormat raises $92.5 m in refinancing of geothermal plant in Nevada
EU missing opportunity to focus on renewables for heating and cooling
EOI: Feasibility study on mineral extraction from geothermal brine, KenGen
Change in ownership of Iriga geothermal project, Philippines
Ormat enters new 25-year PPA for its Ormesa geothermal complex in California

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